Another week of Stati

Ya know, like cactus/cacti, only it’s status/stati. Ha ha ha!!! Okay, guess I’ve been on my own a little too much out here. 😉 Or maybe too much sun? Anyway, I thought it was funny! Here’s the stuff I would have said on FB if I had an internet connection.

I went sleeveless for a couple of days on my walk and now have a scathingly uncomfy sunburn on my shoulders. 🙁 Stuart is convinced I’m going to get skin cancer. Guess I’ll wear sunscreen next time!

The oven is home!!! I think now that it’s working well and we are friends I may come up with a name for it. Any suggestions? Hmmm… was there an oven on “The Brave Little Toaster?”

Ella has figured out how to move via rolling. She finally “gets” the rolling back onto her back part though she leads with the head so it makes a startling “thud” every time she does it. Cracks her up though so it must not be as painful as I think I would find it.

Stu and I did INSANITY today. It’s fun to do the workouts together, but man those things are killer! We’re going to do them 2 or 3 times a week rather than the actual 6 that the program calls for. I think I can handle that much insanity. 😉

I sent Qade outside after his shirt that he had taken off and when he came back in he had a worried look on his face and said that a noise up in the sky scared him. I asked him if it was a plane and he said no and tried to mimic the sound. Then he said, “Maybe it was God sewing.” It was all I could do not to burst into uncontrollable laughter!!! Oh my!

Need to do some shopping. I don’t think one really worn pair of carpis are going to last me through the summer, and I know it’ll be too hot for jeans.

We’re planning a tent camping trip. Yep, that’s right, 4 kids 4 and under and 6 adults. At least we outnumber the kids! 🙂

Swamp cooler is hooked up now. We held out for as long as we could, but it was time. Ahhhhhh…. Summer! I think I we should lobby that summer last from April to November. Any takers??

Glad I found the kind of shirts that help hide the jelly-belly because I begin to think that nothing but a tummy tuck will work on getting rid of it! *sigh*

Have been enjoying fruit smoothies lately! Glad I invested in a stick blender! Since there’s no Kiva Juice in a couple hundred miles of here, this works great! Plus I probably paid for my little blender in the first few smoothies considering what I’d be paying AT a KJ. 😉

Despite the prevalence of LOTS of different poking plants and stickers, the lads refuse to keep their shoes on outside. I can see going all Tom Sawyer in the lush green grasses of the South, but here??

I read in a parenting magazine that it is now recommended that children ride rear-facing till the age of 2. My question is, where in the world do their feet go?

The Qade-man loves watermelon nearly as much as me (no one can really love it as MUCH as me) and he often says, “Don’t eat it all, Mom!” as if he’s never going to get his fair share. Ha!

Tonight was the first night in forever that bedtime went smoothly with the lads. I needed this!

Goodnight Moon!

Wow, I am SOOOOORE today from that INSANITY workout! Wouch!

Ella is getting good at sitting up these days. I still put the boppy around her for support, but she enjoys sitting up now.

Bread baking today. Gonna do a few loves so I can take them and share with friends and fam. 🙂

Got a kick out of watching Myles try to sort out the illustrations in a Shel Silverstein book! Ha ha!

My daughter’s favorite toys these days are her brother’s cars and tools. Uh-oh! 😉

Pickles and Pistachios, great combination! You have GOT to try it! Really!

Wondering what to make for dinner. Yes, I had a menu and I’ve been recklessly ignoring it recently. Partly because of the oven problem and partly cause it’s summer and I just don’t want to cook. 🙂

I’m SO tempted to pull a Brittany Spears and just shave this mop off! Ugh! My hair has become such a thorn… just don’t want to have anything to do with it.

Read a couple of Kipling’s “Just So” stories to the lads this morning. They were totally over their head, of course, but we had fun anyway. Need to dust out my drama voices so I can do the “Elephant’s Child” properly!

Trying to wrestle 3 kids to get a decent portrait is not an easy thing…. especially when they are my OWN kids! 🙂 We’ll see if any are salvageable. I can always try again when we go to CO, there are prettier backdrops there anyway!

Sounds like our kitchen is going to get a much needed make over. Stu is already planning to send me away during the process. Ha! Guess they don’t need a kitchenless female prowling around while they try to work. Ha ha ha!

There are about 14 million things that I could be/should be doing right this very minute, and I am ignoring them all!!! 🙂

I think an iced coffee is a must for this blustery summer afternoon.