Kids Photo Shoot

This morning we did a photo shoot with the kids. One of my goals for this summer is to get a good family portrait that we can use as a gallery wrap. One, because I think gallery wraps are awesome wall art, and two, because it will be so much easier to sell them to clients if I have one to show. But, it’s going to be a challenge. I can’t take the pictures AND be in them, may come as a surprise but it’s true! So it’s going to take some careful planning.

Today’s shoot’s purpose was to get some photos of our kids that I could use as float wraps or stand out portraits. These are things that I am going to be offering to clients so again wanted to have some I can use. The “idea” in the pictures was fine. Getting all 3 monkeys to look at the camera at once with a half-decent expression on their faces, not so much. *sigh* Ha! It’s so much easier to do with other people’s children!!! Why in the world is that?? Well, Ella was ready for her nap by the time we got ready and set up, and she has been teething, so she was less than thrilled with the whole experiment. The boys were much more interested in pulling up the weeds that surrounded them than looking at the camera and even though they would obligingly say “cheese” or whatever it was I told them, they still wouldn’t look at the camera for more than half a second, and it was never the SAME half second with both of them. LOL!!! Okay, so never is a strong word… but mostly never!

So while there were a few shots that I did like, one especially of our Bella-boo, I’m not in love with them enough to turn them into float wraps for our walls. I’ll probably get a couple printed, but just as regular prints.

I’m going to give it a go again when we visit Colorado. There will be more helpers on hand, and importantly, someone to push the button and holler at the kids to get attention. 🙂 So I’m hoping that we can capture a good one…. if not we’ll keep trying till we do. “Try try again!!!”

Anyway, here are a few of the shots we got today for your enjoyment.

Grandma Noggle, I hope you don’t mind, but we used a chair from The White House. 🙂 It worked perfectly! I’m going to be browsing craigslist for some chairs with interest to use in shoots like this. Here’s probably the best one of the three of them, and as you can see Qade is not fully engaged. 😉

This one I just tweaked the color for fun. Even if they aren’t the best shots in the whole world, I have to say they DO capture our kids in their present state for sure!
Here’s my favorite one of Ella. Some people adamantly oppose not-looking-at-the-camera shots, but I love them!!! Thanks for her pretty dress from Hawaii, Auntie Tiff!
Myles! His grin still gets me! Love it when he’s a happy head!
Qade was much more interested in dancing around on the chair than posing, so this was his best shot. 😉
And one more of our baby girl. She looks so grown up and pensive in this shot. *sigh*