I have long been against the “fad” diets, and I have always found (not being an excessive carnivore) the low-carb diets to be rather repulsive. BUT I did give it a go as you know, since I seriously needed a kick-start to more weight-loss. The first go round it did work. Not as fast as the book(s) say. I never saw a 5 lb per week loss, but then, I didn’t have 50-100 lbs to lose so maybe that’s why. Dunno.

I found the diet to be very difficult to follow. Partly because it’s so limiting, and when I have that in the back of my mind, it seems like all I can think about is food. So maybe that’s why it hasn’t been so successful for me, but here are my personal thoughts on the matter. 😉 LOL… for what it’s worth.

The first time I lost 10 lbs bringing me back to my pre-preg weight. It took MORE than a month, but was still, in my mind, a success. However, even though I was eating oodles of protein I “felt” hungry much of the time. I don’t really understand why that is. But if I had bacon and eggs for breakfast I’d be STARVING for lunch. Perhaps I just didn’t space my meals well. It is harder to do that when you’re chasing monkeys after all. But I started to notice on my Carb-days that I felt much more satisfied after eating a bowl of granola or oatmeal for breakfast, and while I was generally ready for lunch by 1 (which is typically when I have a chance to fix myself something and eat) I wasn’t ready to bite chunks out of the cabinets because I was SO hungry. Weird. When I would eat a substantial protein meal, I often felt “full” but not usually satisfied. Hmmmm….

Then there were other things that irked me about it. I often had tummy aches and there were times that it even felt like my kidneys hurt.

Long story short….. I don’t like that diet! Blah!!

I have given it a try 2 times since the first successful trial run and the weight-loss has been insignificant. Certainly not worth the effort of conforming to the strict diet and the subsequent discomfort.

This week was my last attempt and I was encouraged because I dropped 2 lbs at first. Then I went back up one and that’s where I stayed. When I finally said phooey and went back to my “regular” diet, trying to watch portion sizes and still stay away from highly refined carbs, I dropped 2 lbs in the first day. Hmmmmm……

So I’m “quitting” the slow-carb diet. I don’t like it, it’s not at all fun, and for me at least, seems to be not so effective. I know, I know it’s probably user error because I know so many people who have met with good results on it. I’m just not one of them. It’s unsustainable in my case, and I’d rather not have to think about food so much.

My ideals for the rest of the summer, diet wise, are to eat much more fresh fruit and veggies (this means that I have to meal plan or I just won’t do it) and eat both protein and carbs in moderation. 🙂 There ya have it. I’ll letcha know how it goes!