Happy Friday

It’s been a long week. In the sense that it seemed to last forever. Not necessarily long in the ‘oh-I’ve-had-such-a-long-day” way. 😉 I’m just glad that it is now friday and tomorrow Stuart will be home all day! I’m even more excited that on next Friday he will be starting his summer break and that is going to be wonderful!!!

Anyway, yesterday was an unexpected blessing! I got to attend a photography workshop! In fact I was the only attendee which made it more of a one-on-one mentoring. I’ve browsed online different workshops that I found interesting and drooled over the amazing techniques and such that were being taught, but they are always way over my budget AND never in a convinient location. 🙁 Boo!! So circumstances just “happened” to workout for this amazing photographer to be coming right through here, and we just “happened” to have a mutual friend, who’s family I “happened” to take photos for last year who managed to get us in touch. Yeah right! Don’t tell me God doesn’t give us some of our “wants” just because He is an amazing parent. 🙂 So for a very VERY good price I got to spend all day with an expert and lay out my issues and get some help and also get some amazing info that I just had no way to wrap my head around before! Wow! I tell my clients that I’m self-taught because no, I didn’t go to school for photography. Honestly though, there’s only so much you can pick up reading on your own and in online support groups. This was a fantastic opportunity to actually get that ‘hands on’ help that I really needed to start taking things to the next level! 😉 I’m so excited about it! Can’t wait to put things into practice and see what comes out! In a way I almost feel like I’m starting over at square one because I totally need to change the way that I have been doing things… but not it a bad way. 🙂 It’s fun and exciting and I know there will be challenging days ahead as I try to make things “work” like I’ve been shown. The experts do everything so easily that it can make me forget that I have to work UP to that level. 😉 Anyway, stay tuned for the “new and improved” CDO Studios photography! Yay!

I’ve got one of the crock pot menu meals on for dinner tonight. It’s called cowboy beans. I’m looking forward to it! New recipe and all! I also have, chillin’ in the fridge, our first watermellon of the season!!! I refuse to think that it’s not going to be that nummy being so early and all. I’ll enjoy it just as much anyway! LOVE watermellon!

The weather here has been bah-humbugish. I’m trying not to complain because the poor parched earth is already crying out for more rain, but it was stinkin’ COLD here yesterday!!! Today has been a bit not-as-cold, but still not warm enough for my coldblooded self. I’ve been sporting a big sweatshirt and slippers all day just to try to stay comfy. I’m pretty ready for it to be warm. I’ve already decided that I will NOT complain about the heat at all this summer (should it ever show up) so feel free to remind me of that if I happen to forget. 😉 I’m not preggo this summer so it should be plenty bearable, and right now I just feel like letting the sun soak into my bones for hours to get the chill out! 😉 Why no, my kids do not get their exaggerated drama from me! 😉

Speaking of drama though, Qade seems to have it in spades these days, and it’s totally driving me crazy. Probably mostly because I really don’t know how to deal with it. Being an introvert myself, I have a difficult time dealing with outward emotions, especially when they are bonkers. I know that it’s mostly due to his age. I mean, I can’t expect a 4 yr old to be in perfect control of his emotions all the time. But honestly, I don’t think that everything needs to be a crisis either. So if you have experience on how you dealt with children who were/are majorly dramatic, feel free to leave some advice. Please!!! This not-so-outwardly-emotional mom could use a bit of help before I become the same way. 😉 LOL!!

Anyway, it already feels like the weekend, so I’m all lazy. BUT I do have another photo session this afternoon so I can’t just chillax. Gotta go get some stuff done! Have a fantastic Friday, Friends!