Ella Girl

I’m trying to catch up with life. Ha! “Me thinketh it’s not working!” But oh well. Here are the latest Ella portrait installments. Month 6 and 7. And I don’t even want to hear about how next week is month 8 already!!! No fair, where’s my lil baby going!!!!

Here’s the 6 month pics. She is wearing a dress that was mine as a baby. Mom has an old faded K-Mart special, 8×10 of me wearing it. 🙂 I had much more hair, and no bow. 🙂 But we had to get a pic of my lil girl in the same dress so here she is all pinky-pink.

And my favorite!

For her 7 month pics she’s wearing a little jumper that her Auntie Tiff gave her. Unfortunately she’s not sitting up on her own well yet, and I wanted to “try out” my new floor, so I had to plop her in the basket for part of it. She’s such a cutie patutie! I haven’t decided which of these photos I’m going to have printed. I don’t know my fav yet. 🙂
I just love this expression for some reason.
She was making faces at her Daddy in this one!
My Punky Munkin’. That’s her new nickname. I was trying to say Monkey Punkin’ but it came out wrong, and I liked it that way. 😉

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