No more thumbs

Here I am again, what a week later? 😉 Okay, so I have made a vow that I WILL be a more consistent blogger once these senior sessions are over. 🙂 I’ve had photography on the brain lately, and between trying to figure out how to “tweak” the focus on my camera and all the editing/sessions/follow ups and phone calls, not to mention the photography related sites and groups on FB that I’ve been stalking for questions answered and inspiration (big breath) it’s been crazy! I wrote a small post on my blog about the difference in the senior “rush” this year and last if you’re interested in reading that. 😉 It will be interesting to see the difference next year as well since we will be making some changes soon. Little particles of ideas have been zinging around in my brain and occasionally the collide and a light goes off. This summer I’ll be retrenching and working on some things for the biz side of it all as well as the fun photo side. 🙂 But enough about that….

We are now a thumbsuckerless home. Yep, I invented that word. 😉 I have mentioned before that Qade quit awhile back, shortly after Ella was born, because of an owie that he sustained on his sucking thumb. Well, history repeats itself and a couple weeks ago Myles sliced his thumb sucking thumb while playing outside and simply HAD to have a bandaid on it for several days. The first couple of nights that happened he’d wake up and try to suck his thumb then whine, “I got huuuuurt” and go back to sleep. After that he was done. I figured he’d pick it back up, because he was a very determined little thumb sucker, it wasn’t just at sleepy times, he’s just walk around with it plugged. BUT last week he bit the dust, you may recall, and so his little mouth has been sore, and no return of the thumb. 🙁 I’m not really sad about it. I though about patenting a new way for parents to break the habit for their kids, but something tells me that it wouldn’t catch on. Ella hasn’t yet started sucking her thumb and I begin to wonder if she just won’t. The boys had both been into it for quite sometime by her age. 🙂 Just one more way my littlest lad is growing up, a little too fast at times. And even though I’m sorry that he smashed his tooth, I have to say that he has the cutest snaggle-tooth grin EVER!

Today feels SOOOO wonderful!! I wasn’t freezing when I woke up, and when I went to feed the dog at 8 something, it was pleasant outside! I’m happy!!! It’s a bit breezy, but not bad. I’m going to HAVE to take a walk today! I want to soak up the sun and let it warm my bones!!! I feel like I’ve been freezing forever and now I can finally start to move and breathe! Yay!!! My afternoon session called to reschedule today and my first though was, “hurray, I can go for a walk in the sunshine!!” 😉 Hee hee!

I’ve started “the diet” again. 🙂 One thing I noticed while I was “off” for awhile was that I felt increasingly more lethargic when I’d have simple carbs for lunch. Blah! I just felt thick headed and sluggish all afternoon. Hmmmm…. Anyway, I still have those pesky pounds that I put on after our wedding to lose. And while I’m basically at my pre-peg weight for all 3 munchkins…. the shape is still, well… different, and gooey. Yuck! So, I’m hoping that to keep losing slowly and adding in more walking and consistent kettle bell exercises that will fix the problem. 🙂 However, I have added fruit back in to my diet even though “technically” it’s still out. I refuse to miss out on the fresh summer yummies like strawberry and watermellon. Nope! 🙂 I don’t even care if they do slow down the weight loss…. though I really can’t imagine that they would. I’ve been making out a menu for the next 2 months. Ugh, that’s been difficult, and I have found a lot of carbless dishes that I want to try and some very heavily veggie laden dishes as well. Something that I am trying to incorporate is “Meatless Monday” yep, that’s right. I’m also trying quite a few recipes from the blog called A Year of Slow Cooking. The year is up, so there are plenty of recipes on there, and now and then she throws on another, but I really want to use the crockpot more since who wants to heat up the kitchen in the summer, ya know? 🙂 Anyhoooo… I won’t be completely carbless this summer… can’t do it, I like some of my summery time pasta dishes too much, but I’m certainly going to be cutting it WAY down. The afternoon blah feeling that I experienced while not on the diet convinced me of that for sure. 🙂

Well, the kettle bell is calling my name… and I’d rather answer that than the BIG basket of laundry which is also calling my name. 😉 Ha ha ha ha! Toodles till next time!