Iced Coffee and other small pleasures

Somehow on this crazy journey, I had forgotten just how delish iced coffee can be! Trust me, I remember now, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be telling you about it. 😉 Before I became a true coffee fan, ya know a 3 2 cup a dayer, I used to get this cold coffee from gas stations. I can’t even remember the brand, but it was WAY before the oh-so-groovy Starbucks Fraps. Anyway, it was good, and sweet and cold and yummy! Since the invention of the Frap, however, I have totally neglected the idea of iced coffee… and in fact have though kinda “ick” to be honest. I think it’s because all the pics I saw of it (in Starbucks) had black coffee over ice which looked kinda iced tea-ish, but not so much, and I just knew it would be cold bitterness! I’m so NOT about black coffee. As it turns out however, the other day I had some “left over” coffee in the pot. This almost never happens, and I couldn’t bring myself to dump it SO I put it in the fridge not really sure what would become of it. 🙂 From time to time I will reheat cold coffee if I feel the need, but that particular day was warm and springish, and I felt so much more like a cool drink than a warm one, so I busted out the cold coffee, ice cubes, and CREAMER, and voila! my iced coffee was born, and I sipped it delightedly! Ahhhhh….. So wonderful! Since then, only a couple of times, mind you, I have made “extra” coffee on purpose so that I can have an iced coffee in the afternoon. 🙂 I’m so happy I rediscovered this little pleasure! I’m sure I’ll be taking advantage of it much this summer.

I have on my counter in a beat up plastic cup a little bouquet of BEAUTIFUL yellow flowers. I know the young man who gave them to me very well. I’m quite sure he picked each one himself very carefully and held onto them to them tightly so they wouldn’t blow away. I saw the way his face lit up as he brought them to me. He was quite sure that I would be just as thrilled with the pretty flowers as he had been, and he was right! I was so excited to see the little snips of sunshine that he was so generously giving to me! We picked out a cup and put some water in it for the special flowers. I set them on the counter so that I could see them very often and think about all the love that went into the giving of that sweet bouquet of Dandelions. I’m pretty sure no greenhouse roses could EVER look as nice as they do!

And just a little laundry update. 🙂 I’m sure you were waiting with bated breath! Ha! I was for a whole HOUR this afternoon completely caught up on laundry. Every stitch of clean laundry had been folded. HOWEVER, the dryer recently buzzed at me to let me know that there is yet another load to fold. But I’m gonna go get that done right away, because the feeling of it being done is SO much nicer than the feeling of knowing it needs to be done!