Laundry and Photos

I feel like laundry is taking over my life!!! It’s become this huge monster that threatens to eat me if I make one false step! 😉 Ha! Okay, so it’s probably not THAT dramatic, but I feel like I always have this “laundry cloud” hanging over my head. I can barely keep up with it, let alone get ahead…. though, now that I think about it, the only way to get ahead would be to start washing the already clean clothes. *sigh* Anyway, with as busy as things have been round these here parts recently, laundry is my biggest struggle to keep up with… especially since I really dislike folding clothes. I try to be cheerful about it and just get it done as fast as possible, but it still creeps up on me, and then suddenly I realize that our furniture has become receptacles for the clean clothes that have yet to be folded, while the laundry baskets are filling up at an extremely fast pace. Ack! And yes, I’m guilty of just shoving it all in a space (my room) that won’t be seen and pretending that it’s not there… but deep in my head there’s always this nagging voice reminding me of the unfinished laundry. If I could find that voice and can it, life would be so much more peaceful. 😉

But enough about laundry. We have been SWAMPED with senior portrait sessions recently. 🙂 I like being busy with photography! It’s fun! But it is a LOT of work as well. Stu and I have both been very busy with it since he has been designing the templates that we’ve been using for the graduate’s announcements. This week, though, while I have several photo viewing sessions, I don’t have any actual shoots booked, and it’s a bit of a relief just to relax a bit…. and fold all the laundry. 😉

Yesterday I got to go to Flagstaff with Myles since he bit the dust, literally, with his teeth on our cement porch. I was able to get him an appointment with a pediatric dentist, and was very happy with the place. Living in the country can be fun, but it is a bit of a bummer that we have to drive like 2.5 hours one way to find things like… dentists. Myles did pretty well, though he was a little scared at first to have someone else looking at his mouth. We won’t know for awhile the extent of the damage to the tooth. There’s a possibility that it could move back into it’s spot. It was knocked back a little. He has a follow up visit in June when we’ll get some x-rays and see if the permanent tooth was damaged at all as well. Poor lad! He’s been doing really well with it, though I simply CAN’T get him to slow down and stop acting like an acrobat! I’m afraid that he’s going to “bump” it again, and I know that would be really painful. I think that his new “wocs” (crocs) may be responsible for part of his recent clumsiness. I got some crocs for myself and the kids on clearance, but the ones Myles has been wearing are too big for his feet. He LOVES them though, so I’m going to search around a bit today and see if I can find some smaller ones for him. I’ve banned him from wearing the others for the time being.

Anyway, the lads are on a nap-strike this afternoon so it seems, but they are still sequestered in their rooms. So I’m going to take advantage of the semi-quiet time and get workin’ on that laundry. 😉 Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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