Three at 6 months

Yes, I know I’ve been MIA in blog-land. Sorry. 🙂 I’ll try to be better at it. I have plenty to tell cyberspace, but for now I’ll just share the pics of my 3 at 6 months. 🙂 I’m late with this too, since Ella is almost 7 months now!! Ack! How has this happened??? Anyway, stay tuned for a more indepth update about life and all, later. Till then, enjoy the pics of the 3 most cutest 6 month old babies EVER! Ha! Biased… nah! 😉

Here’s the Qade-man! Looking back at his pics I realize now that he was WAY advanced for a baby. He was already eating solid finger foods, sitting in a high chair, standing in his exersaucer and sitting up completely unassisted. Wow! He is tired in this pic, ha! What a funny face!


Here’s our Myles of Smiles boy! It’s nearly impossible to find a picture of this lad not smiling! 🙂 He too was bobin’ along in the exersaucer by this time, but he hadn’t rolled over yet, so Ella’s got that one up on him. 😉 Love his crazy hair!!


It’s our Bella-boo! 🙂 Ha! Stuart snagged this “squinchy face” picture of her on her 6 month b-day. She thinks it’s too funny to squinch up her nose and laugh at people. Cracks me up! Ella hasn’t yet started her exersaucer journey because of her L-A-Z-Y mommy who needs to hose the thing off. The seat part has been washed, and TODAY will be the day the rest of it gets clean or I’ll eat my hat…. hmmm…. if it was made of bread that might be tempting. Anyway, Ella-girl, does NOT like food yet. I try to feed her cereal and am lucky to get 2 bites in her mouth before it clamps shut. And when I say clamp I mean it. Ya can’t pry that thing open. So the food thing is going slowly. She only has her 2 bottom teeth still, and I’m not worried about it. When she’s ready for food she’ll eat it. 🙂 She can roll over to her tummy and has rolled back a couple of times, but mostly forgets how. She can sit up for a lil bit with the boppy to help or snuggled into a corner of the couch. She’s still not crazy about strangers or even people she doesn’t see often. Nothing excapes her gaze. Ha! She is an extremely observant baby! I thought that Qade was, but his “notice” pales compared to the way Ella watches EVERYTHING and just takes it all in. Awwww. Sometimes I wish she smiled more, cause she seems so serious for a lil one, BUT her smiles are so special when she does give them. Stu has already declared that he’ll “never” be able to discipline Ella…. so lets just hope she’s an angel! 😉 But with this expression… I think we’re in for trouble!


Alrighty, well I’ll be posting Ella’s 6 month shoot soon, and like I said updating you all on life in general. 🙂 Have a happy Monday! I’m enjoying it because I made the decision shortly after waking up that I will NOT start potty training Myles today after all! Ha!