Real post, finally!

Even though I “blog” in my head about my daily life all the time as I’m blundering through my days, for some reason I’ve been having a hard time getting it to my actual blog. 🙂 Don’t worry, you really haven’t missed much. Ha! My life is not that exciting which is evidenced by the fact that I mostly only have family and a couple friends who read my blog. And that’s okay by me too.

Anyway, I have recently become OBSESSED, for lack of a better word, with crochet again. I’ve gone through phases where I get into it and bless my family members with large crochet throws and such. Ha ha! 🙂 Then I got tired of working on large afghans and went to baby blankets because they worked up quicker. Then I just got tired of those as well. I mean, how many blankets can you make??

My latest fad is hats! I’ve been stalking browsing other photographers stuff, especially the ones who do a lot of newborns, because that is something I super-duper really want to do. They use a lot of amazing props to make even more amazing photos! I noticed that a lot of the teeny little absolutely adorable hats that they use were made of yarn. Well the lightbulb went off and after spending an exorbitant number of hours lost in the cyber world of “free patterns” I found some crochet patterns for simply sweet little baby hats! And I tried my hands at it, and found that my hands CAN do it and what’s more, they like it! 🙂

I’ve found about a zillion patterns that I simply HAD to try, of course, and I’m going to have to whittle them down, because I don’t want to have to keep up with that much stuff. With some of the things I’ve made already I opened an etsy shop. I have yet to make my first sell, but that’s okay, it’s out there and it’s being visited. One day it’ll happen. In the mean time I found a photography prop swap group on Facebook and have been swapping some of my hats for other prop “loot.” So it’s been good!

All of that to say that I’ve been spending a lot of time on the FB group AND crocheting, which is probably why not many of my mental “blogs” have made it to cyber space. 🙂

This week I’m making changes though. I am going to limit my computer time because it is taking up TOO much time in more ways than one. I have a new system for myself for getting things done around the house that I don’t like to do/have been procrastinating on. I have a bunch of sticky notes that one of my piano students from WAY back when gave me with a cute little “A Note from Miss Zahn” across the top. Ha! Well, I haven’t been Miss Zahn in awhile so I’ve found a new use for them. Each day I write out on the note the things that MUST get done for that day, and slap it on the fridge where I’ll be sure to see it often. 😉 I’m not making the lists long because I don’t want to get discouraged. But some things like swapping out clothes just need to get done, but are easy to ‘forget’ about through the day. 😉

I’m also using the notes to write down my menus. I’m starting as of today actually a trial diet. I’ve committed to 2 weeks, though it should be four. I’m going to re-eval at the 2 wk mark. 🙂 It’s called the slow-carb diet. Along with that I’m doing this minimal workout plan. The guy’s basic premise is that the reason we don’t often see the kinds of results we want is because we are overworking and undernourishing our muscles. Seems really backwards, but he does have data to back him up. SO we’ll see. I’m still a bit of a doubting Thomas about the whole concept but I’m going to give it a go, cause I’ve kinda gotten stuck in my weight loss goals, and I can barely stand the thought of that INSANITY program right now. 😉

Anyway, this weeks diet is no carbs till Saturday. On my “cheat day” which is Saturday, I can pig out on as much and as many carbs and or other no-nos (sugar, fruit) that I want. 🙂 This supposedly tricks your metabolism into thinking that it’s not really starving for carbs and results in a more sustained long term weight loss. I’ve always shied away from the “carbless” diets because well, I like carbs! 🙂 Love em’ actually! Having this one day a week where I can carb-out makes me feel like it’s something I really can do. So I’ll be eating lots of meat, beans and oodles of veggies this week. I’m going to measure myself tomorrow, because “The scale lies, inches don’t” so he says, and see what happens. 🙂 I’m optimistic right now, so we’ll just fly on that.

I have some photo shoots this week, so I’m pumped about those. One on Tues afternoon and 2 on Saturday! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the girls and their traditional dresses! Fun!

So for now that’s waaaazup with me. Hope you’re all doing well and that Spring is finally hear! My allergies have kicked into high gear so I guess it probably has. 🙂