I thought perhaps you might be going through some lad withdrawal since I haven’t posted pics of them really recently. No worries. I’m here to take care of the problem.

A few things that have been cute with the boys recently. This morning they were watching some Donald Duck episodes and there was one with the nephews in it. Qade said, “I love the little Donald Duckses!” Ha! No, he’s not really a Rez kid! I told him their names, and he kept repeating to himself, “Hewy, Dewy and Louie.” Funny!
“Love” has become a big thing for Qade. He thinks if he doesn’t “love” something then it just shouldn’t be. I frequently hear things like, “But I don’t love spaghetti!” or when he’s in trouble “I don’t love time out!” Somehow that seems to be his rationale for why he shouldn’t have to eat something or get a time out. Ha ha! I also hear it the other way too, “I LOVE these hotdogs!” or “I love to watch this show!” He’s a hoot!

Myles is a bit too much of the explorer these days. Their stomping ground around the house has gradually been expanding, but for Myles it must still feel to small. I check on them frequently when they’re playing outdoors because we don’t actually have a fenced in yard. Well, several times now I’ve had to walk down our drive (which is more like a road) to the cattle guard to find Myles sitting there on his “bike.” He just takes himself on little field trips and is totally fine with being by himself. Qade’s not much of a babysitter either, so I really have to keep on top of this lil dude.
Myles’ classic response to things right now is sure. Only it sounds more like “sho.” It’s so cute. “Myles will you put this cup on the table?” “Sho!” And it’s always got a very decided and important tone to it. Makes me smile every time even though he should be saying, “yes ma’am.” 😉
His potty train hasn’t really left the station. 😉 It’s because the engineer (me) isn’t to excited to get it rolling. But he is doing well when I tell him to go potty. He makes sure something happens every time he goes in there. He’s in pull-ups now so it’s pretty easy for him to take himself potty, and really, he’d rather “do it myself!” anyway. 🙂 And I like it that way! I have put him in unders from time to time and you should just see this big boy-big head that he gets. He struts around, full of self importance because HE is wearing big-boy unders! It totally cracks me up! I will probably start really and truly training him after we have our spring break. Things are going to be getting pretty busy here quickly, so I hope that he catches on VERY fast and we can get on with life. 😉
The boys were having fun with Daddy’s hats one day. Just so that credit goes where it is due, Stuart took the two pics of them in the hats. The other shots where when they were begging to have their picture taken so the could “see” it right away. I just pointed the camera in their general direction and snapped. The one with Myles and his dinner all over his face/shirt is hilarious!
Anyway, there’s a few paragraphs about the boys to keep ya updated for a little bit. Toodl-oodles!