Not Me Monday

I’ve got to get back into writing these… they’re just too fun. 😉

Sunday morning I packed up “spare” pants for both of the boys. Now that Myles is in pull-ups they don’t always hold as well as diapers. I did NOT neglect to pack an extra shirt though because it would NOT have NOT crossed my mind that if his pants got wet his shirt would too. I did NOT put him in a onsie either. Ha! Hey, he picked out his own shirt, I was just trying to hurry and get them dressed!

I did NOT leave the lads unsupervised while they were eating their lunch today and come back into the room to find that Qade had blown/spit little bits of oreo all over Myles and the surrounding wall. Myles did NOT look slightly like a Dalmatian with little flecks of black all over his face, hair and WHITE shirt. Oh no. I also did not make my almost 4 yr old clean off the wall with a washcloth after lunch.

When I was trying to “sell” some clients on a portrait session this week, I did NOT nearly choke on laughter because my wonderful hubby changed the baby, and I knew what kind of carnage he was dealing with! 😉 I would NEVER take advantage of any and all situations that get me out of changing a diaper, no way!

There’s also NO WAY I’d bundle my monkeys up and send them outside in the blowing wind and sand to “play” so that I could have some peace and quiet inside. Nah! 😉 It wasn’t that cold!

I did not send my hubby to work the last 2 work days with boiled eggs in his lunch because I’ve been to lazy busy to bake some bread for him. Nev-ah! 😉 Don’t worry, I made some today!

I have not been avoiding doing a “weigh-in” post because I seriously don’t want to work out. Nope!

Not me!

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