Spirit of Fear

This is something that I think on from time to time, but today finally decided to write about. First of all, I know that our economy, country, and world are in a terrible mess. Don’t think that I’m out here in the middle of the desert with my head buried in the sand. I’m aware that “bad stuff” is happening all over. But I do choose not to get into all the mucky gory details of most “news” on purpose.

The biggest reason: I have babies.

When I was a teen I used to hear evangelist and camp speakers all talk about how “our generation” was probably the rapture generation, and how all the stuff that had to happen before the end times had happened, and it we all needed to gear up to go. 🙂 At those times, selfish as it may be, I used to feel this, “but I don’t want to go yet” feeling. I wanted to live life and get married and have a family. I knew in my head that heaven and being with Jesus would be much sweeter than anything earth could offer, but knowing it and feeling it are totally different things. There honestly have been times in my life when I have felt it and I was so ready for that trumpet to blow. Now is not one of those times.

Ya see, for some reason it comes up in my mind and heart from time to time, because for the life of me I can’t see or figure out what happens to little ones when the rapture does take place. And being brutally honest here, my mommy’s heart would rather not “go” if I have to leave my babies behind.

Ya know what though? That’s the spirit of fear talking. I do KNOW that my Savior loves my kids more than I could ever fathom or be capable of. I also know that He is Good. And I am trusting in those things about Him. No, I don’t know what He has planned for the babies when the rapture comes, but I do know that He hasn’t not thought about it. And I’m trusting that His will in that situation will be just as perfect as His plan to save the world. 🙂 It’s good to have that kind of loving Father, ya know?

All that to say that I choose not to get too deeply involved in the “terrors” of today. I have very close family members and friends who are Fox News fanatics. (Love you ALL!!) And they watch Glen Beck and the blood pressure rises and things seem bleak. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a Glen fan, that’s totally your deal. I don’t have much use for him personally as I feel that he is capitalizing on people’s fears and insecurity. I’d prefer a more “fix-it” kinda guy like Huckabee maybe. I know the system is “broke” and needs radical overhaul, but I’m pretty sure that stocking up on guns, ammo, non perishable foods and holding up in a bunker in your backyard is probably not going to solve the problems. 😉 I don’t like to feel panicked about the future. Because I have babies! And even if the rapture is generations away in God’s own timing, my kids will be the ones growing up and living in this country/world.

SO I choose to NOT have a spirit of fear. I choose to not look, not get too involved, not know many things. It’s a choice I have made to keep my own heart at peace. I’ve read the back of The Book and yes, WE WIN!! I don’t need to get bogged down in the things that are going on around me, even though I keep a sharp eye out anyway. It’s kind of an oxymoron. 😉 Know but don’t know. Ha!

Anyway, just some things that I’ve mulled over quite a bit. Thought I’d share. 🙂

II Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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