I had a post in my head that I was going to write for today, mostly all finished just ready to type, but now that I sit down to the computer and my finger tips tapity-tap the keys, I don’t think it’s “the one” for today. Strange, isn’t it? Oh well. I do have other things to write about though so I will. First though, I need to investigate the hysteric screaming coming from one of my never-overreactive children outside. 😉

I’m back. Oh me, oh my. Hysterical screaming and insatiable whining have become part of our every-day lives lately. It’s driving me batty, but I know that it is in large part my own fault. It’s one of the THINGS I am working on right now. Stuart developed the concept of the whiney chair and sad to say I have been very negligent about being consistent with it. It’s not my favorite method of dealing with the whining/screaming because they are right there in the open and I can still hear it which can cause me to want to bash my brains out on the counter or something. But I’m trying to be the one with more self-control in the house so I’ve been making a concerted effort to use the whiney chair consistently. And honestly, it does work. They really hate to go to the whiney chair and the whining will get less and less. Right now I’m still dealing with the hysterical screaming as they go to the chair because they don’t want to, but I’m confident that will a few days of more consistent and hopefully patient mommy, we will all reap the rewards. 😉

Winter gets to me, ya know? As a youth (ha ha ha) I never could understand why people would talk about getting so down and depressed and such in the winter. Maybe right now it’s the fact that I don’t do well being cooped up with the kids inside all the time. I’ll freely admit it, this stage is NOT my gift. I used to feel guilty about it, think that somehow I’m not being a good mom because I’m not all ga-ga about diaper changing, potty training, wearing burble on every outfit, and cleaning up crusty food off of just about everything. But I’m okay with it now. I’ve come to terms with the fact that while yes, I love my kids more than life itself, this stage is just not where I myself shine. So maybe the winter blah’s are only a passing thing and someday I’ll be back to my old young self and like winter just as much as ever. Hmmmmm?? I don’t like to be cold though… that has developed into a pretty stark reality. 😉 But another THING that I’m working on right now is to stay sane and even cheerful through these last few weeks of winter. I’m hoping that we’ve seen our last snow, though the realistic (read pessimist) side of me says probably not. And the last few days of sunshine have been nice enough for the lads to exert much of their energy outside! Yay!!!

Something else that I’ve been noticing lately is that I’m a closet perfectionist. 😉 Ha! You’d never think it to come into my house and see it, but yes, it’s there under the skin. I like to do things certain ways, have things done ‘right’ and so forth. Yesterday, I began to realize that it’s really causing me to miss somethings with the boys like help. 😉 Yesterday without prompting and very enthusastically, Qade swept, with the big broom, the dining room. First he moved out all of the chairs like he’s seen his Daddy do, then he really did try to sweep up, and I helped him by holding the dustpan. Now, as I watched him I had to bite my tongue to keep from tell him how to do it or the whole “you missed a spot” thing, and instead just praise him to the skies for the great job that he did do. And honestly, though there were a few things still on the floor, he really did do a great job! THINGS that I have to work on are to let them do it, and not be so overly concerned if it’s done just so. On that note, I’m going to start having them place their own dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink. I mean why make one more step for ME to do? I also rearanged some cabinets so that their own plastic dishes and spoons and forks are on their level. They can help me unload dishes, a task I loathe! They will also be able to help me set the table by getting their own things.

I’m trying to encourage independence in both of the lads. I realize that I do far to much for them. Thinking back on one of my favorite teachers at PCC, Mr. McBride. He used to tell us, “Don’t do anything your students can do for you.” And of course he was referring to teaching, but it works with parenting too. Myles tends to be naturally more “I do it by myself” so with him I mostly just have to channel it and teach him how. Qade on the other hand would let me do EVERYTHING and be content. 😉 So lately I’ve been letting him get his own drink of water by taking the cup into the bathroom to fill it. (at the sink, mind you!) And encouraging him to get completely dressed by himself, which he is finally starting to enjoy, and putting on his own shoes, which he does NOT enjoy, but certainly can do.

We’re all making progress. THINGS crop up all the time that we have to adjust and change and work through. I’m really looking forward to warmer days, though I do dread the spring BLOWING season where the wind does it’s best to take the roof off. Still sunshine is welcome and I can’t wait to get out and take walks!

Not bad for a post I hadn’t planned huh? 😉 Hopefully I’ll be better about blogging again. I know it’s a great outlet for me. Ta ta!

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