Three at 5 Months!

Here’s the latest in my then and now pics of the monkeys at the same age! 🙂 Well, the monkeys and the sweet pea! She’s not a monkey yet, though I won’t be surprised if she follows in her brothers’ steps on that one. 😉 Ha ha!

It’s fun to go back and see my lads at the same ages as where our Ella is now. It’s so hard to remember that they were this small. They seem to have always been big boys! As for Ella herself, she is getting big WAY too fast for my liking. I think we’ll have to have a chat about that! 😉

Anyway, heeeeeeeere’s the Qade man at 5 months. Contemplative little lad, no? Ha! Actually I think he was sleepy or something in this shot.

Myles! I was looking for all “serious” pictures this time around. It’s hard to find those of Myles because he was the smiliest baby EVER! Here’s the best I could do with him at 5 months. Not sure if this qualifies as serious, seems more like surprised, but what a cute face!!

Our Ella Bella-Boo. She is a serious one for sure. She is happy and content, and chilled, but she seems to take a more serious view on things than her bros did at this age. 🙂 She’s already a thinker, you can see the wheels turning, and is also very observant. It’s going to be hard to pull anything on her because she’s so plugged in to what’s going on. Anyway, Ella gives smiles for sure, but she’s more conservative about WHO gets to have one than the boys were. 🙂 Funny lil lass!

Toodles till next time!