Confession time…

I read a kid’s book called… uh.. oh.. “The Phantom Tollbooth.” In it Milo found himself in the doldrums where nothing ever happens and it’s inhabitants were small slow-moving creatures called Lethargians. 😉 Yep, it’s fun. I wonder if I still have that book or if it got lost in one of my more radical purges. Hmmmm…. Anyway, right now in life, I am one of the Lethargians and am deeply mired in the doldrums. *sigh* Ha! Nice little bit of literary drama there huh?

This is what it basically boils down to. That flu we got awhile back REALLY knocked me down. It lasted, at least for me, about 2 weeks, and completely took the wind out of my sails an the umph out of… everything. Unfortunately I’ve been having a hard time finding my motivation to get back up and plugging along like I should. I’m in a rut, slump, whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

I haven’t been “in the mood” for laundry, dishes, cleaning of any kind, and definitely not cooking. I have been doing the bare-bones essentials of those things, but not with any heart for sure! Yes, I win the Worst Homemaker of the Year award, and it’s not even March. I just seem to have lost interest in any and all of those things. Not to mention the issues I’ve been having with my two toddlers that leave me with little left over patience for situations like Qade locking me out of the vehicle then staring at me through the window like I was speaking Mandarin to him as I told him to PUSH THE BUTTON!!!! to unlock it.

I’ve been completely unmotivated to continue on my weight-loss quest, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting weekly weigh-ins. I haven’t gained any, but I’ve not lost either. What can I say, I’m good at maintaining. 🙂 I haven’t done one INSANITY workout since the flu hit. I did go for one walk/jog, but over the course of… however long it’s been, that doesn’t make much of an impact.

I have recently (like in the last 2 days) mustered up some determination to “whip it” and hopefully will be able to get unmired from these blah’s. I have taken an interest in crocheting again, and have recently opened my own etsy shop, so those extra interests have been helping. I have a plan that includes being diligent about taking my SUPERMOM vitamins, going to bed earlier, rising from bed earlier (which is not easy for me to do when it’s chilly out!) getting outside at least once a day to get some sunshine in my soul and fresh air in my lungs. Feeding the birds is a good way to do that, and they appreciate it, I’m sure! I need to go back to having regular exercise, because that really IS a mood-booster even if it doesn’t feel so much so at the time! I don’t know that dishes, or laundry will ever thrill my soul, but I’m going to make more of an effort at just getting them out of the way so they’re not hanging over my head. Cooking I can enjoy, and will be more diligent about making weekly menus so that’ll take the stress out of the evening.

Believe me when I tell you that things aren’t THAT bad. Writing stuff down in a blog can be dangerous as people will read it all kinds of silly ways and before you know it the world is sweeping in on you to rescue you from yourself. 😉 Ha! It’s not like that. I’m not moping around all day in my bathrobe feeling sorry for myself. No, and in fact I’m basically fine, just find myself not so thrilled with all the “regular activities” that I have to do in my life. It’s going to change and it’s gonna be better, and I’m sure I’ll get my mojo back soon. 🙂 Putting it out there on the blog is just my way of beginning to deal with it. Besides I’d rather blog than deal with the couch full of clothes to be folded, dishwasher to be unloaded and a sink full of dirty dishes. 😉 Ha ha ha ha ha!! Just kidding!! I’ll get right on that….. after lunch!

Ta ta! Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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