Fix-it Friday

Today’s fix it was just too cute! This little girl in that pose reminds me so much of my shy self when I was little. Awwww… makes me want to hug her! Anyway, here is the original image.
Fix-It Friday #86

I use Aperture for my edits.

In my first edit I was mostly trying to fix the lighting. The original is pretty dark. I bumped up the brightness. Did some skin smoothing on her face, popped the eyes a little bit with the dodge and saturation brushes, added an vignette and that’s about it. I did a teeny bit of saturation tweaking with red. This was the base that I used for my other two edits.

Cropped and used a high-contrast sepia.
5435491128_3089b9be3e_o - Version 2

With this one, I did a square crop, tilted it a tiny bit and of course flipped it.
5435491128_3089b9be3e_o - Version 3

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