Day o’ Love

Yep, it’s coming up. Do you make a big deal out of V-day? We never really have. We always do celebrate it of course, because who doesn’t love an excuse for indulging in chocolate and reminiscing about how you fell for each other. But we’ve never really made a big deal of it. I ran across this article that has 10 things to do for Valentines that are budget friendly. Nice to think about. I really need to put some more thought and effort into making Valentines more special. I’m a little stressed about it this year because my brain is pulling a massive blank about what in the world to get Stu. I know I could go the traditional chocolate route, but I like to do things more creative/different. Don’t know if I have time to come up with something/anything that fits though. We’ll see. Sometimes these celebrations just make life too complicated. I just need to chill out about it and think of what would be fun for both of us.

Anyway, I wanted to share the link to that article for any of you who might be interested. 🙂 Have a marvelous Monday!

Ta ta