Weigh-in week 8

Can I really have been doing this for 8 weeks??? Ack!

This week I lost one whole whopping pound. 🙁 This did not make me happy since for the whole week I know I’ve been eating much less than normal. Of course exercise was completely out of the question with this wretched flu, but I was at least hoping that since I HAD to be sick that maybe it would pay off in the weight department. *sigh* No such luck.

Oh well… at least it didn’t go the other way!

I have figured something out. I’m pretty brilliant that way. Ya know how Myles is the only one among us who has not been sick? Well, he also happens to be the only one among us who got a flu shot this year! Oh yeah. Just put that one together recently and have come to a solid conclusion that we will ALL get a flu shot next time around! Yep.

I’m off to make our menu for this week. I’ll be glad to get some groceries tomorrow since we don’t even have crackers in our pantry now. How can one live without crackers???? 🙂 I might get some other stuff like milk and eggs too.

Ta ta!