I think we’re on the mend! Each day feels better though I still don’t want to get up in the mornings. Stu is pretty much all the way better. Qade and I are still coughing, but definitely feeling much better!

Totally random but I haven’t been grocery shopping in 2 weeks and am having to be a bit creative with our meal options.

The other night before bed Qade was telling me he was hungry. This is the new funnest way to bug mom in our house. Complain at every opportunity about being hungry. Myles, in fact, will tell me “I hungry, mom” while he is in the process of stuffing his face with food! What in the world!! Anyway, I was getting ready to put Qade to bed because it was one of his miserably sick days, and he started crying and said, “But if I go to bed my hungry will be wasted!” 🙂 Ha ha!! Guess he figured he shouldn’t have to “waste” a hungry spell on anything but a snack! Cracked me up for sure!

Our Bella is getting used to her little teeth. She likes to CHOMP on her bottle just because now she can! 😉 Kinda glad I’m not nursing! Ha! I did have to go through biting with Myles and that was no fun. Ella is safe though, and it’s funny to watch her experimenting with these new little chompers! She LOVES to be upright now. I still need to assemble her jumper. I started to the other night and my brain just would NOT comprehend the instructions. It’s like they were written in Klingon or something, ha ha! Better try again, cause her legs are getting SO strong and she just loves to be up and looking around. Recently she has become such a squirmy wormy when I try to change her. She just gets the biggest kick out of changing time and will grin and laugh the whole time. Now she’s added squirming like a fish out of water to her list of things to do while being changed! It’s pretty hysterical actually, and we both end up laughing most of the time! Ella’s hand/eye coordination is getting really good as well. She seems to have made a huge leap recently and is becoming a big baby instead of a little baby. 🙁 I still want her to be itty bitty, but I am getting a kick out of all her new accomplishments as well. She likes to hold onto my fingers while she has a bottle, and that gal has a grip! My fingers will end up numb and purple in no time!

Myles is our “do it myself” boy. He insists on doing most things by himself and if I do it for him for time’s sake or whatever, he can get mighty upset. He is still interested in going potty, so I’ll probably do a test run next week and see if he’s really ready to “get it” or not. I’m not sure I’m ready for it, but here goes nothing. 😉 I’ve been having the boys answer me “Yes ma’am” instead of the “yes mommy” they used before. It totally cracks me up to hear Myles say “Yes, mayam!” It’s too cute!! When he knows he has done something wrong, he’ll say “Don’t want time out. I obey you!” One day he’ll figure out that he can skip the time out part if he’ll do the obey part FIRST! 😉 Everything is a game to that lad!

So this morning I wanted some yummy creamer for my coffee. We had run out and the powdered stuff just doesn’t do it for me. So I hopped online looking for some homemade creamer ideas. I want to start making ours anyway. It’s ridiculous to spend $3 or whatever it is for a container of flavored creamer when it’s got all kind of bad things for you in it. But I digress… I found one site that said to use sweetened condensed milk mixed with milk and then add flavor which for me was vanilla cause that’s the only thing I have. Sounded simple enough, but for some reason my can openers went all haywire today. BOTH of them! I could not get that wretched can of condensed milk open!! Finally I got a few slashes in one side and I pried that side up with a butter knife. Then I had to set the can in some warming water on the stove because it was too cold and thick to actually get through the space I made. Ugh! I wasn’t very patient through this process either I confess. Finally I plucked it out of it’s bath and squeezed the can as hard as I could to make more space for it to flow through, and then I dumped it into a funnel that was supposed to be helping it get back into the reused creamer container. Well, it took it’s merry time flowing through the funnel as well, I’m sure you can imagine. I tried to help it along a bit with a knife. 😉 FINALLY all that could be scraped out of that silly can, was and I added milk and vanilla, and shook my frustrations away! It was actually pretty good! I think I’ll add a splash more vanilla before I use it again, but it was still far superior to the powered stuff. Took me forever to actually get my yummy cup of coffee, but at least now I have it in my bag of tricks for another time and another can opener!

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend! Toodles!

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