Sad Smoky

This morning for breakfast I chopped up some lil’ smokies and added them to our scrambled eggs. The boys LOVE this breakfast option and they will pick all of the smokies out first because, of course, that’s the best part. After Qade had picked all of his out and was about to start in on the eggs he noticed one more little smoky and this is what he said:
“*gasp* Another smoky! This is a sad smoky because he lost all his friends.”
Me: “How did he lose his friends?”
“They went down in my tummy.”

A few moments later he unearthed yet another smoky and had about the same dialogue with it. 🙂 The things this lad comes up with just crack me up!! And it’s a good thing too, because they help to balance out the icky days like yesterday where he mostly just pushed buttons all day. 🙂

Hope it makes you smile. It did me!

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