They’ve been framed

I’m going to risk jumping on the computer for a few minutes to bring you some cute photos I took of the lads yesterday. Our power has been wonky recently and I’m nervous that the computer will just spontaneously shut off, but here goes anyway.

I bought this wooden “poster” frame at wally world this weekend. I’m planning to use it in my upcoming elementary photo shoot. I had to test it out of course, and the lads are SUCH willing models. They LOVE to be allowed in the studio and get a kick out of all the “lights” too.
This expression of Qade’s was too funny!


Here is “vintage” Qade.
DSC_9780 - Version 2

I think Myles looks SOOOOO much like my dad in this next shot! Must bee the cheesy grin! 😉 This is high contrast sepia.
DSC_9776 - Version 2

Sepia Qade. Love my big boy, but he sometimes just looks way TOO old in these pics! *sigh*
DSC_9785 - Version 2

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