Weigh-in week 6

FINALLY!! I made it to the 25% mark that has been eluding me these past few weeks! Woo-Hoo!! Originally I had told myself that my “reward” for losing the first 10 pounds would be a new pair of runners, and I’d start jogging regularly. My shoes are pretty pathetic, and my feet hurt through the workouts. BUT our road is such slop right now that I couldn’t jog no matter what I had on my feet, and the shoes that I do want to get are a touch more pricey anyway. So I’ll make that my “prize” for the next 5 or 10 pounds!

So I lost 2 lbs this week. I didn’t do much to “earn” it I have to admit. I’ve been lazy about my workouts and looking for any and every excuse not to do them. I did INSANITY only once this week, and I road the bike once as well. I do want to see results, but I’m not enjoying these workouts at all. Still, there’s no excuse for it. I simply HAVE to do it. If I keep taking 6 weeks to lose 10 pounds then I won’t be in “shape” for the summer at all!

With that in mind I’m changing my workout time from afternoon to morning. I’m going to start trying to get it in around 10am while Ella is down for her morning nap. The lads are mostly good about staying out of my way when I’m working out, and if it’s a sunny warm-ish day I’ll have them playing outside at that time anyway. I think that this little change will make a big difference in whether or not I actually DO work out. Trying to get it in during nap, when that can be a volatile time of day anyhow, is not so ideal. I usually just want to kind of breath a bit once I get the kidos all down.

Another thing I’m starting this week, along with Stu is an Apple Cider Vinegar regimen. 😉 Should be interesting. Basically we’ll be drinking a tablespoon of vinegar w/ some water or juice to help with the flavor. You should look it up online! There’s tons of stuff that it’s helpful for and people have been using it for AGES! A friend of mine has successfully cured some food allergies in herself and her son by using it, and I’d say that’s pretty impressive. The advantages I’m looking for with it are continued weight loss and energy boost. We’ll see how it works out.

Ta ta for now!

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