Three at 4 months

Ha ha, originally I wrote “four at 4 months” by accident, oops! Yikes!

This is the latest installment of my three munchkins at the same age. It’s amazing to me how much they all look alike and yet how much to me they seem different. I’ve mentioned that we get asked if the boys are twins on a fairly regular basis. And people are frequently telling me how much they look alike and how they can’t tell them apart. Being their mom I can’t really see it. I see each of them as their own individual person, and their personalities, being so different make them look completely different. However, I can see enough similarities to understand why people who don’t know them well would think that they look so much alike. 🙂

And of course our little Ella Bella looks just as cute as them with a slightly more feminine touch. 😉 It’s no secret who she’s related to that is for sure! Her little peach fuzzy head keeps her well distinguished from her bros in baby pics though. I think it’s fun to have a little baldy actually. It makes for the softest little head kisses!

Without further blabbing, here they all are at 4 months. Adieu!

#1, this is before we had a nice camera unfortunately, but he’s still cute!

#2 the happiest baby ever!

#3 our sunshine!

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself for finding a pic of them all in the bouncy seat. Especially since Qade didn’t tent to tolerate it well! 😉

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