Guess who’s 4 months

4 months

It’s Ella Bella Rose!!

Hard to believe my littlest love is already 4 months! She’s so much sunshine for our little family! Everyone is happier when she’s around!

For her “accomplishments” at this point, she is sleeping through the night consistently!!! Yay! Now if Myles would stop getting me up 3 times we’d all be in good shape! 😉 Ella isn’t showing much interest in rolling yet. She does go from her back to her side from time to time when she’s trying to “munch” one of her toys. I probably don’t put her on tummy time as much as I should because she still loathes it! She only tolerates it for a few minutes before getting pretty upset about it. She loves to see her reflection in the little baby mirrors on her gym. She has elaborate conversations with herself. She is Miss Chatty, and likes to talk to me. Especially right before I’m putting her to bed, she’ll coo and gurgle and laugh hysterically at me. Whenever she does the latter, it seems like she’s usually looking above my eyes, so I’m not sure exactly what she’s laughing at unless it’s my hair. I didn’t think it was THAT funny! 😉

The teeth did NOT make their debut while she was 3 months, but I imagine they will be here shortly as I can certainly feel them right there! Ella is a content and very patient baby! This morning she was “up” at 6 something (the power went out last night so my clock was off) and she entertained herself very nicely just talking away. I managed to snag a couple extra z’s and get in a shower before she started to insist that she might need breakfast. 😉 Even then when I brought her downstairs she sat contentedly in the chair while I fixed her bottle. She’s just too sweet! Can’t really be my child!! 😉

She’s very good at grabbing things placed in front of her now. She also “breaks out” of her swaddle almost effortlessly. Mostly though she just gets her little hands out so she can suck on them and grab the edge of the blanket, and she’ll sleep like that all night. So cute!! Ella still does not appreciate baths. 🙂 It’s kind of funny cause the other day I took her in there and before I even got her undressed, that little poochy lip came out and she started to wail. Guess she remembered the “room of tortures” ha ha! But most of the time she is the most “fussless” baby I’ve known.

Today I’m going to try to get her little jumper thing assembled and see how she likes that. She likes to sit up more often now and will try to raise her head while in her swing or bouncy seat. She doesn’t get frustrated by reclining though like her big bro Qade did.

She’s our little sweetheart (as Qade told me I was supposed to call her) and we’re so happy that she’s been with us for the past 4 months!

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