Lad’s room makeover

I told you before that my brother came out over New Years and helped us by painting the lad’s room. They had really outgrown the two-tone green. These colors fit them much better and the posters that Stu made are perfect! We just need one of Mater for the space on the other “red wall” as you will see.

Here is a shot with a bit of the blue against the red. The colors really do work well together, though the red can be quite “bright.”

We had some difficulties with the red while it was being painted. Seriously low temperatures had somewhat to do with it. Eventually it all got painted though! This is the wall that needs Mater. 🙂

Here’s our Woody and Buzz wall. 🙂 So great for our lads who are diehard Pixar fans, especially for Cars and the Toy Stories!

If you want to remember what it looked like before you can look at THIS POST.

Ta ta!

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