Qade has been learning about consequences recently. He has always experienced consequences, but now he’s learning that they can be a direct result of his own choices. I do think that making that connection is an important part of training munchkins. The “Little Thoughts” books have been a great tool in opening different discussions about sin and punishment.

It’s only been recently that I’ve noticed that he really will work on something to avoid negative consequences. Potty training is one example. You know I had to put him back in diapers before Christmas. It was such a HUGE frustration! He got new “unders” in his stocking though so we put him back in those right after Christmas because he was using the pull-ups as an excuse not to stay dry. He had started doing business in the pot though, so that was good. Well, a week or so ago he once again was having “accidents” in his unders of the yucky variety. So I started putting him in the shower when it would happen and make him wash himself off. Now lest you get some horrible idea in your head it was NOT a cold shower! I’m not cruel. But for whatever reason he hated this “consequence.” I would always calmly explain to him that he had to take the shower because he chose to poo in his pants. After about 3 showers the “accidents” stopped. The next few times that he would “score” in the potty, he would gleefully say, “I don’t have to take a shower!” Not that I want him freaked out of taking showers, but I really don’t want him pooping in his pants, so the results of the consequences helped him make better choices.

Another thing that has become a HUGE issue for us is bedtimes. It’s a battle night after night to get those boys to just go to sleep! We’ve tried various tactics with varying levels of success, but none seemed to be the “magic bullet” to get us over this hurtle. I told you that I’d been keeping Qade up from his naps from time to time. Well I’ve decided that it needs to be a privilege that he earns. Yesterday was the first day that I told him he needed to go right to sleep at night in order to stay up from nap. He listened intently, but it didn’t take. Hence today his consequence was that he had to go to nap instead of stay up. I’m hoping that a couple of days of this will help it sink in for him. Somehow we’ve got to get the bedtime thing down better. There are a couple of other incentives that I’m going to try with them as soon as I can, but for now we’ll stick with this and see if it works. 🙂

I’ve been feeling all “Marthaesque” recently and I’ve baked white bread and have yogurt “cookin.” A consequence of that can be that I won’t actually be losing any weight! ARG!! I need to learn a thing or two about consequences as well! 😉 BUT we’ll see what happens on the dreaded weigh-in day! Hope you all have a super fantastic Friday!