Our Day

Today was a whoosh! Thanks in part to two great phone conversations I got to have with friends! Thanks Mirm, and Rach for chatting today! It always helps me feel more “alive” to have a good adult conversation, even if they are peppered with instructions to the kids who angelically like to take advantage of the fact that Mommy is distracted on the phone. 😉

Anyway, other than that I got some of my household chores done, and chili for dinner started. I spent some time on the computer trying to figure out how in the world to use a new hair accessory I got yesterday. It’s a Goody modern updo pin. And it’s supposed to be completely easy, right? Hardy-har-har! I should have read some of the reviews first, I guess, but I bought it on impulse, I know that’s bad. But in looking into how to use this I have become convinced that I will get their “spin pins” because they seem so cool and keep your “bun” in place with minimal effort. I’ve been on this “I’m going to chop of this hair” kick recently. I mean it has been 6 or so years of the same basic style… or no style. But Stuart is fighting for the hair and really wants me to keep it. In an effort at finding a compromise I’m trying to find easier ways to make it look decent, and even in some cases, nice. SO the updo pin tempted me and I succumbed.

After watching several youtube clips on how to actually make the thing work, I still couldn’t do it. It looks so simple to watch someone do it, but to me it feels like I’m trying to rip my hair out in chunks! Ouch!! And if I do, perchance, get it in, the pressure on my head is so immense that there’s no way I could use it that way all day. So I went off looking for alternate methods I could use it for, and I think that I did find at least one. I think too it might be a matter of practice as far as making it work for the updo that it’s supposed to work for. I’ll keep trying it out, but next time I’m in town I’m going to look for the spin pins. The reviews on those were almost ALL really good!

Qade skipped his nap today. I’ve been letting him stay up because bedtimes have become such a huge ordeal in this house. I’m thinking that if he’s tired enough by bed maybe it won’t be such a fight…. time will tell. Right now Myles is fussing because he needs to be in bed, but we’ve put Qade down first. Having them in the same room has presented challenges this way.

A little Qade tidbit. Yesterday morning we ran out of creamer before I had my second cup of coffee, and when I ‘whined’ about not having creamer, Qade got a bit concerned. He went to his Dad and said, “You need to go to the store to get some cream for Mommy!” What a tender hearted little dear! 🙂 I quickly assured him that it was no big deal and we would pick some up when we went shopping. Ha ha!

Tonight we had a family over for dinner. Stu works with the guy at the high school and the wife is involved with special ed in the schools. They have 3 boys from 7 to 1.5 so that was fun! The boys had a good time with their “new friends” and we got some more grown up conversation in as well. Their youngest son is built like a tank, a lot like Myles, and it was fun to watch them play. The chili was a hit too so that’s good! I never make it the same way twice so it’s hit or miss on just how spicy it will be. Tonight it was perfect! Especially considering there were 5 munchkins eating it.

Stuart sent me a link to this blog article today thanking me for not being “Suzy.” It’s a good article for we wives to read and consider though. And while I’m glad that he doesn’t think I’m like Suzy, I know there are ways that I need to improve in how I respond and act toward him. Good thoughts.

Well, that about does it for me. I posted another pic of Ella to my 365 blog if you’re interested. 😉 I try to take a pic-a-day of my babies first year anyway, so it should come as no surprise when she shows up in a lot of my 365’s.

Have a swell night!

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