Diet for this week

As I’ve told you before, I just can’t ‘diet.’ I start to think about food ALL the time when I decide that I’m “on” a diet. So I’m going to fool my brain into thinking I’m not on a diet, but I am going to plan out my meals for this week better so that I can get this thing going the right direction. I do not want to be stuck fighting these same pesky 2 pounds any longer!! 🙂

Here is the “plan” for this week, lets hope it works!

Breakfast: Eggs! I know that eating protein in the morning helps keep me fuller longer, I do know this. The problem is, I almost NEVER want protein for breakfast. So this will be a challenge for me this week, but I’m writing it down so that you can all help keep me accountable by reading it! 😉 I’ll most likely eat them scrambled with some sweet peppers thrown in. The boys LOVE eggs for breakfast BTW, so they will get a kick out of it this week. I’ll probably eat a grapefruit too, cause I’m on a kick. I found them at Safeway today for less than $3 for a bag of like 7!!!

Lunch: Bowl of Oatmeal cooked w/ whey, or soup, or tuna, and a grapefruit or apple.

Dinner: Whatever I have on the menu but watching portions carefully!

Snacks: Apples, oranges, grapefruit, celery any ol’ time

Water: At every meal and between meals…. but I will still have coffee in the morning. It just must be! 😉

I’m sure that by following this and continuing to plod through my workouts, blah, I will see results. Hopefully this week I’ll see some really good results, cause I could use a “good news” week for sure!