Weigh in week 5

Bah-humbug!! I think the first few weeks of stellar weight loss were just taunting me! 🙂

I did re-lose the 2 pounds that I gained back last week. SO that is good, I know. But when I think about the fact that I am now at the same place I was TWO WEEKS ago, it’s depressing. *sigh* I’m glad that I can look at my three little miracles and remember that it was/is all worth it. I’m not glad that I can look back at photos and think of how I just took that thin me for granted. 😉 Ha ha!

My self motivating (I hope) thought for the day is “As long as it’s 2 steps forward to 1 step back, I’m still making progress!”

I did do INSANITY 3 days this week. I missed Wed, and I missed yesterday too because we had company… at least that was my excuse. 😉 I hope to do it today though. My abs are killing me today for some reason though, so it’ll be an interesting workout as they are pretty “core” intensive. I haven’t been able to take my walks because the road is a natural disaster. Guess that’s the perk of living down a dirt road. I still don’t enjoy the workouts, they are rather like torture. BUT I’m continuing to do them on the faith that they will eventually make a difference. On that day when I can wear my “skinny” jeans again, I will enjoy it! 😉