Aperture Brushes

So Stu got me Aperture 3 and I have had it for awhile, but only JUST installed it. First I kinda forgot about it, and then the disk reader on my iMac went out so I couldn’t, then…. but wait, you don’t need all those details. Ha! Just know that NOW it is installed and I have been playing with all the new fun features! I’m now completely convinced that I won’t be switching to Photoshop! This program does what I want and what I need and is SO SO SO SO simple! Love it! The new “stuff” that I’m super excited about are the brushes that I can now use and the presets that I can also add to. It’s great!

Just to give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about I’ll do a before and after shot for ya. This first shot I posted already so you’ve seen it. I used the B&W red filter preset on it. I loved the way it turned out in black and white, and think that it is a stunning picture as is here.
China Doll

… but…

Just to show you what a LEEEEEETLE bit of change can do for a photo, here it is again. This time I used the “dodge” brush to brighten her eyes, and the “skin smoothing” brush on her face. WOW! What a difference!! Tell me you can see it! 😉
DSC_9224 - Version 2

So I’ve been going back through my aperture library and experimenting with the different presets and brushes on some of the photos that I’ve already edited and it’s so cool to see the difference that even a slight change makes. If you don’t see me for awhile, send help, I might be lost photo editing! 🙂

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