This’n That

Whew-ee, my workout tonight was a killer! Ugh! I sure hope it starts to pay off in a big way because it’s hard to do! I rode the bike today too for a few minutes. But that was mostly because this morning I simply could NOT get warm! It’s been SOOOO cold here! As in minus digits at night! Brrrrrrrr!!! I really don’t like to be cold, so I got on the bike hoping that getting my blood moving a bit would help me warm up. I think it did. 🙂

The kiddos have been frightfully busy being cute and getting into trouble. They’re so good at both! 😉 Yesterday Myles (so Qade says) unrolled the rest of the TP, and I can’t remember how much of a roll was left, but by the aftermath it was a good bit, into the potty then proceeded to fish it out with the scoop that we use to rinse their hair in the bath, and fling it all over the bathroom. How’s that for the worlds longest runon sentence? Anyway, once I came upon the scene there were wads of wet TP stuck to the walls and floor and cabinets, and Myles was running around without a stitch on him. Hmmmmmm….. Ah the memories! I suppose I should have taking pictures before cleaning it all up, but it didn’t occur to me at the time. 😉

The boys have both been in this “you hit me, I’ll hit you, then we’ll both run to Mom crying that you hit me!” mode. It’s weird, and I’m not really sure how to counter it right now, so if you have any brilliant suggestions, hurl them my way. 😉 Myles can certainly hold his own against Qade now, and he knows it. In fact it’s not uncommon for Myles to just pin Qade down on the floor when they are “wrestling” till Qade starts to howl for help. Ha! I’m still working with them to use words rather than shouting and crying. Sometimes it seems to sink in!

Recently Qade has become Mr. Chatty, and his favorite question to ask now is “Why?” Uh-huh, it doesn’t matter what you tell him or what the answer is to his question, the follow up will nearly always be “why mom?” And now Myles has this fun question, really it cracks me up, when I tell him no to something. He’ll say, “Why can’t, Mom?” Ha! But he’s usually content with the answer I give rather than continually asking why.

Ella is officially teething. I’ve been seeing it coming for a week or more… probably more, but now she’s got the drool and the lip pucker to go along with it. I had to laugh tonight when Stu was holding her and she had this little “fishy face” thing going on. 🙂 Poor lil thing. I think 3 months is entirely to early to have to deal with getting teeth! They aren’t “through” yet, but they are definitely coming. I stick my finger in there every day to monitor the progress. Ha ha! She doesn’t seem to mind, and probably the gum massage feels good. So far it hasn’t really impacted her mood or her sleeping!!! She’s such a happy little lass! I love that! She’s usually completely content to be wherever I put her till she’s ready to nap, and she’ll gaze at her fingers or whack her toys and other than the occasional comment from her you almost forget that she’s there. She’s been sleeping through the night consistently for a couple of weeks now. There have been a couple of times where I needed to re-swaddle her or help her with a bubble in her tummy, but other than that she’s becoming a fantastic night time sleeper!! Yay!

As I mentioned Stu and I got to go to the Bridal Show last weekend. It was really cool! Very inspiring too! I certainly hope that in the future I’ll be able to do more wedding photography! It would be so neat to take CDO Studios to a venue like that! Dreamin……

Well, I need to go nourish myself somewhat after that workout! I think I’ll have some good ol’ yummy homemade yogurt! 😉 Yep, I’m slightly obsessed with the stuff, but it is SOOOOOO good!