A week resolved

This week I’m going to be posting about my new year’s resolutions. 🙂 Not that there’s any reason why I couldn’t just write them down in a succinct list and post them all at once, other than the fact that I just like to blather about stuff. If I put all of my blatherings in one post, you’d be reading it till next new years! Ha! But seriously, there are some things that I’ve been thinking about that a “resolution list” just won’t give justice too. Others could certainly be on a list.

Like todays resolution.

I resolve to make my bed every day!

Ha ha ha!! Yes, that is indeed one of my real resolutions. Historically I have been very good about making the bed. I know that just because our room is generally out of site as far as company goes, I don’t want it to accumulate junk or be a big mess. WE still have to live in there.

Since Ella has been born I’ve been trying to sleep till the last possible moment before the barbarians tear their walls down each morning. Then I flop out of bed rush rush rush through the morning stuff and by the time I’d even have a moment to make the bed, Ella is down for her morning siesta already. Soooo…. I’ve been bad about getting the bed made. I confess! But now I’m resolved and WILL do a much better job about making bed making a priority. 🙂

This morning ended up being a bad day to start resolutions I’d have to say. I thought things were going pretty well. I did manage to get the bed made. 😉 But then as I was going through the chore of feeding the animals, including all the wild birds, I came back into our laundry room to find half an inch of water on the floor!!! I had felt so on top of things just the moment before. The kids were fed, the animals were fed, the laundry was started. But oh how quickly a bubble can burst!

The tube that drains the washer water had popped off the washer so all the sudsy water that was being spun out of the wash was being propelled into the room!!! Ack!! I quickly stopped the washer, which still continued to drain, and grabbed every towel we own to start sopping up the mess. The pantry was soaked as well, but I think I salvaged all but a few packets of instant oatmeal. The chips I didn’t mind throwing away because I don’t need to be eating them anyway! 😉

So the one metric ton of laundry I had to do today (because just about every stitch of clothing the boys have was dirty!) became two metric tons of laundry since the smelly soaking wet towels were all added to the pile. Thankfully I got the tube back where it was supposed to be and watched it very carefully through all of the rest of the laundry. I’ll have Stu check it out tonight just to make sure it’s on tightly.

Anyway, there you have it the first installment of my resolved week.