“No?” “Yeah, snow.”

That was a quick conversation between my niece Helen and Qade as they stood at the window watching the snow fall. It snowed here for 2 days this week, and while today the sun is shiney it is NOT warm in the least so it’s blindingly white and beautiful outside! The lads were begging to go outside this morning, but it’s actually colder today with the sun shining than it was when the snow was falling, so I vetoed that idea. They did play in it some yesterday till the got “cold” and very whiney about it. I fixed it though by giving them sippy cups of “warm chocolate” as opposed to hot chocolate which might be met with some resistance. Don’t like anything hot you know. 🙂

Speaking of temperatures the other night I heard Myles’ pathetic wail over the monitor at 1:45am and stumbled my way into his room to find the problem. Usually it’s that his cup has run dry or that he cant find it or something. Well this time he was telling me something that I was having a very hard time figuring out and he kept kicking at his blankets while at it. Finally I realized he was telling me his feet were cold, only I knew he meant hot because he had socks on and was adament about getting the blankets off! 🙂 I helped him out by taking his socks off and pulling back his covers. Having thermo-sensitive feet myself I can understand what he’s going through…. what I cant understand is why he won’t just pull his socks off on his own rather than get me out of my comfy bed to do it! Ha! From now on though I’m taking the socks off before bed and his blanket can do the job of keeping his tootsies toasty!

The boys room is getting a much needed makeover! My bro James agreed to come paint for me as part of our Christmas gift! He’s so awesome!! The two tone green that I was so crazy about when Qade was a baby has been out grown, and generally damaged by two very rambunctious boys! Their bedding is Lightning McQueen for Qade and cars and trucks on Myles, so things kinda clashed in there. So we’re brightening things up (really) with red and blue paint! Wow! It’s really going to pop! I’m also moving their furniture around and took the rocker out of their room. That was kind of a sad moment for me. I told Stu that it didn’t need to be in there any more since I rarely use it to rock them before bed now. Sad sad sad that my babies are getting grown up. 🙁 BUT they still like to be rocked throughout the day so the rocker is now in a place of honor (by the music player!) in our living room.

When I told Qade that his cuz and Uncle and Aunt were coming he was thrilled! The lad LOVES spending time with family! But when I told him that we were going to have his room painted he was a little disconcerted. OCD children have a difficult time with change. Which is why I warned him about it several days in advance, to give him time to process. He kept telling me, “But I like it green!” Green is his proclaimed favorite color which is no surprise considering I surrounded him with it from the time he was an infant. 😉 Stu and I kept talking up the “new” colors and how “cool” his room will be. Ha ha! Every time we mentioned Uncle James coming he’d say, “Why is he going to paint my room?” Funny lad! After the first coat of blue went up and he got a peek at it, Qade told me, “I’m glad Uncle James is here.” 🙂

The lads had a “camp out” in the living room with Daddy last night since their room was kind of paint smellin’. They are likely to do it again tonight though we are all hoping that no one has to stay up till midnight! Barbaric tradition if you ask me! I’d like to greet the new year when the sun is already shining on it and I can see it properly! 😉 The boys were up far too late last night as it was and this morning it was pretty obvious. Naps have been interesting since their room is in the works, but right now the house is peaceful! Myles is snoozing away in the crib in Ella’s little room. Ella is sleeping in her pack-n-play in our room, and Qade is crashed out on his sleeping bag behind the easy chair in the living room. 🙂 It works!

Speaking of sleep, Ella has been sleeping through the night like at little champ! She got me up once at 4something in the past week. The rest of the time she’s been sleeping till at least 6:30 and usually it’s been 7:30!!! This makes me one very happy Mommy! Especially since one of my “resolutions” is to get up earlier. *sigh* I’m not going to write my resolutions out just yet. Probably save it for Monday when the “vacation” is really over, but I do have several that are going to be “high impact” resolutions. I know it needs to happen though. Ultimately good changes but will take a little getting used to.

Anyway, enough blather for now. Enjoy your New Year’s weekend!! We are!