Bestest Christmas gift ever!

I discovered a ring some time ago and kept putting little bugs (read e-mail) in Stu’s ear about what a great gift this would be! 🙂 I was SOOO happy to find it after unwrapping a HUGE box and opening subsequent smaller boxes.

This company does all kinds of mother’s jewelry and most of it is customizable.
I just think it’s so perfect! And the packaged the ring in LAVENDER!! How creative is that??? Not only does it look good, it smells fabulous too!
Three of the sweetest names I’ll ever know!
Now I can carry them with me always, even when we’re apart, and they are too big to REALLY carry. 🙂
This is such a special gift to me! I know most people think I’m as hard as flint, but underneath I’m a softy, and this gift certainly touched my heart! Thank you, Hurb!!! You are the best, and I love you SO much!!!

“Official” Christmas day post to come… though it may be tomorrow. 😉

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