Weigh in week 2

I suppose I’ll start with the confessions. 😉
1) I did NOT do INSANITY on Friday after my first weigh-in post. 🙁 Bad me! I think I’ll move the posts to Saturday next week so that I have a reason to stay motivated through Friday.

2) I did not do as well with exercise over the weekend, but part of the problem was yucky weather that prevented me from walking like I had planned… still, my bad.

Okay so on to the weigh in. This week I was down another 2 pounds!! That’s 5 pounds in two weeks. Still seems kind of slow to me, but I know that healthy weight loss goes slow and steady so I’m encouraged. At least I didn’t stay the same!!

I did the exercise bike on Mon, INSANITY on Tues, nothing on Wed (bad me!) and INSANITY again yesterday. I’m not enjoying the workouts. They are VERY hard and I can’t keep up, of course, which is discouraging. BUT I’m trying my best to pace myself through the workouts and keep moving as much as possible even if it’s not at the level of all the super fit models on the DVD. By the way… skinny girl’s legs jiggle too when they have to jump all around like monkeys! Just thought I’d get that off of my chest. 😉

I’m still working on portion control and eating more raw fruit and veggies. It seems to be working, and I don’t find myself as hungry as I’d expect. Plus eating more mindfully is helping me realize that a lot of the foods I’d just munch on before, really don’t taste that good to me now. 🙂 This is a plus! I did have a piece of Hershey Pie for my Hurb’s birthday last night, but if I have another I’ll cut it in half. It was really rich and I didn’t need the whole piece to be satisfied for sure!

So there ya have it. Week two! Let’s see if I can keep up the good work! It’s way too early to hit a plateau!

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