My oldest child is ALL ears, and he uses them! 🙂 Now that he’s so much more verbal he pays attention to things that people are saying around him even if they aren’t talking TO him. When I’m recounting some of his antics to my mom over the phone or even telling Stuart over dinner something that he did, he really perks up. He will often follow up with, “Why I did….?” whatever it was. All the while with this pleased little grin on his face especially if it was something funny. He’ll also ask, “Why are you laughing, Mama?” If I chuckle at anything he did.

Qade often brings things up days, weeks, or even months later surprising me with his memory and recall. Yesterday I asked him to turn the light off in his room and he replied, “Because we have to pay money for it.” Which made me laugh! One time several weeks ago I asked him to turn off a light and when he asked why, I told him that it uses electricity and we have to pay for it, and when we don’t need the light on it’s wasting money. Ha ha! Sometimes I go into those technical kinds of answers hoping to head off any further “why” questions. BUT apparently he was indeed listening! 🙂

We also had a conversation about camp yesterday and Qade was telling me that he “renimbered” playing with Benjamin at camp. Then he said, “Baby Ella was still in your tummy at camp.” Wow! I guess I just don’t expect those kinds of things from a 3 yr old. I’m surprised that he can “renimber” that Ella was in my tummy and before that, though I shouldn’t be. That kid’s got a fantastic memory!

Myles little conversations keep me humored as well. He came up with this thing that he thinks is SO hilarious, and I admit it is pretty funny! When I’m changing his diaper, after the old one has come off and whatever cleaning needs to be done is finished, he’ll squeeze his legs together SO tightly and say, “No space, Mama! No space down-ere” and he’ll laugh and laugh. Then I have to tickle him to get him to relax enough that I can get the NEW diaper on. Ha ha!

This morning I asked Myles to go find his cup in his room so I could fill it with milk for breakfast. This is a tradition. Each morning he has to find his night time cup before breakfast. Today when I asked him, he piped up enthusiastically, “Yes, I can, Mama!” He has become a great little helper when I give him tasks to do. He needs more specific instructions than just “clean up your toys” but he follows through really well once we get him focused. 🙂

Myles has this funny way of assenting to information with a nonverbal “mmmm.” Because usually his thumb is in his mouth, but it cracks me up because once again if Stu or I go into some detailed explanation that we know he cannot possibly understand, he’ll often just say “mmmm” or “yes, Mama” as if he knew all of that all along. ;-D

It’s so fun to have verbal kids! I remember when Qade was born and how I just couldn’t wait for the day where I could really talk to him! Now it’s here, and I love it! His strong will can be a super challenge at times for me, but it’s tempered with the fun times of just chatting with my lads! Since we’ve put up our Christmas tree one of Qade’s favorite things to do, he asks nearly every day, is to lie on the floor with pillows by the tree and talk about our favorite ornament and the lights. It’s one of those big Ahhhhhhhh moments in parenting that just feels like a huge comfortable sigh. 🙂

We’re super excited about Christmas tomorrow. Qade associates Christmas with the tree so to him it’s been “Christmas time” for weeks now. I’m not sure if he fully grasps that we’ll be opening all the gifts tomorrow, but I’m super excited to see both the boys reactions to their gifts!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and celebrate “Jesus birthday” as Qade has been saying. 🙂

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