3 at 3 months

So here’s my next installment of my 3 amigos in the same stages. I tried to find a similar pose with all of them, but it didn’t work out this time around. Perhaps next??? 🙂 It’s fun to go back and see how little my big-boys were! They seem SO big now! Qade ended up looking entirely too old on our Christmas card this year. How in the world did that happen?? 🙂 I’m still finding it hard to believe that Ella is already 3 months old! She already seems way too big! I need to get some pixy dust or something to keep her little!

Here’s our biggest boy at 3 months old. He was an expert Bumbo sitter by this point. Qade simply hated to be reclining even from the time he was a newborn! He loved to be up and looking around and involved with EVERYTHING! BTW I love the Bumbo seats!! Those are a fantastic invention!!

Myles is our smiliest baby! Ella certainly does her share of smiling, but Myles was just SOOOO happy all the time, he wore a smile continually! He was also a big spitter which is why he’s got a bib on in this shot. 😉 Myles has had the most hair of all my babies as well. Poor Ella is going to be bald for quite some time it seems, but Myles had lotsa fuzz from the get go. I love this squinchy little grin!!

Here’s our Ella-Bella! I told you she was practicing sitting up with the help of the Boppy. She thinks this is just too much fun! I’m not ready for her to be quite so grown up yet, but it’s entertaining to watch her learn things for sure! You can certainly tell these 3 are related, huh?