Doc visit

So Wednesday I had to take Myles and Ella to the doc for their 2 year and 2 month check ups, respectively. I was dreading it, as I mentioned because if the shots part. Turns out the part I should have been dreading is the temp checking. 😉 Yeah, weird.

Qade got to spend the morning with his “best friend” Danielle. 🙂 I’m very very thankful that I had someone to leave him with as I’m sure I couldn’t have kept him under control while dealing with the others at the doc’s office. We have a great pediatrician, and I no longer dread going to the visits because of the doctor at least. Whew! But I did learn something this time around. Even if it saves me an “extra” trip to town I should NOT schedule 2 of my kids’ appointments at the same time. Ugh!

We got there plenty early, for once, and were getting along fine and dandy in the waiting room. Ella was happy as a clam in her seat talking to me and smiling. THEN the nurse called us back. And they start the visit by innocently swiping a thermometer across each child’s head. For some reason this was a cause for extremely hurt feelings on Ella’s part. The poor baby starting wailing like monsters were after her as soon as the nurse took her temp. What in the world? I was mentally prepared for her to become hysterical after the shots part, but this… no this was a surprise. She continued to wail at the top of her very healthy lungs for the ENTIRE visit. I could barely hear what the doc had to say about either child. Oh brother.

She finally calmed down after the doc left and we were waiting for the nurse with the shots. My least favorite part is having to help hold the kids down while they get their shots. Our nurse on Wed was great though, she was very fast which is the best way to be when you have to give multiple shots. I gave Myles his tootsie-pop to hold while he got “pinched” and he actually did very well. He did, of course, cry a bit, but as soon as I got his britches back on and he had his sucker he was fine and dandy.

Ella, for all the fuss she put up before, wasn’t nearly as upset with the shots. Ha! Strange little one. She cried of course, but I had her bottle ready, and she was soothed very quickly.

So Myles weighs in at 29.5 pounds. Ella is 12 lbs and 7 oz. I can’t remember how tall either of them are… just too many numbers for me at the time.

Ella has done really well with her shots. She has had a slight temp, and was a leeeetle bit more fussy, but not really much. She’s such a sweet baby. Myles did fine for the first day, but has since been a very sick little lad. 🙁 Poor guy! I’m not sure that it’s all directly related to his shots. He had a “stomach” problem yesterday and didn’t keep much down at all most of the day. I’m thinking he must have picked up a ‘bug’ while we were at the doc… oh yay.

Today he did manage to keep some food down. He was actually interested in eggs and sausage for breakfast, but I only let him have a little, not sure how his belly would react. I’ve been keeping him on fluids, which he seems to tolerate pretty well. He has had some crackers, but really hasn’t been otherwise interested in food. Which if you know our Myles you realize must mean he doesn’t feel well. He’s our muncher! He’s had a fever too, so I’ve been intermittently giving him motrin and pepto throughout the day. Poor little lad is just feeling so miserable. He’ll tell me his tummy hurts and he just wants to be held, but not touched! 🙂 Such a silly guy. He spent most of his day lying on a towel on the couch watching “shows.”

Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be feeling much better. It’s hard to see your lil ones down. His grandpa and grandma Noggle are here this weekend, and I know he wants to be up and playing with them, but he just has felt too awful. I doubt that we’ll all be making it to church tomorrow since he’s not well. Pray for him if you think of it. I know that I’ll appreciate it for him! 😉

Happy weekend!

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