Yesterday I did get in my INSANITY workout AND I got to go for a 2 mile walk! Yay! The walk was more for sanity sake than exercise, but I’ll take that as a bonus. The workout was hard! Ugh! I was thinking about how I asked for INSANITY for Christmas last year. So it’s been nearly a year since I started the program for the first time. Of course we had only done the first week of the program when I found out that Ella was on the way. Ha! I kept at it though for a couple more weeks until the nausea just made it impossible. Kind of wishing now though that I hadn’t stopped. Maybe then I wouldn’t be in such bad shape now. BUT there’s no going back to fix things, only moving ahead to fix things. So that’s what I’m doing. My workout yesterday taught me several important things:
1) I’m a wimp!
2) My abs are in very very sad shape
3) Sweat is yucky
4) It’s going to take a LOT of discipline and hard work to get to where I need to be.

But I think it will be worth it ultimately.

On another topic our Qade boy has been having issues messing his pants recently. Yesterday I just about went through the roof when he not only messed his pants, but in trying to dig it out and put it in the potty so that he didn’t get in trouble, he smeared it all over the bathroom floor/toilet/his plastic pants (which he was wearing because this was the 2nd “accident” of the day) and of course his hands. Oh my! I’m a little at a loss about this right now. I simply can’t figure out WHY on earth this child won’t stay potty trained! He’ll go weeks with no accidents at all. Tell us when/if he needs to go, and take the initiative to go to the bathroom when he needs to. Then he’ll relapse into this cycle where he’s messing himself daily. Even when I tell him to go potty, he’ll go and then poop his pants only minutes later. ARG!!!! No one warns you about this part of parenting, ya know?

So for today, since time-out by itself doesn’t seem to be enough of a motivation not to mess, I took away his pants and unders after his ‘accident.’ He’s going commando and he doesn’t really like it. In fact he was pretty upset about going to nap with no pants. I keep telling him that he can’t have pants and unders if he won’t keep them clean. I think my next line of attack will be to take away his “shows.” He’s quite the couch potato, and perhaps if those get taken away it’ll get his attention. I know everyone says to be patient and “no pressure” on your potty training kids, but it’s been over a year that the child has been “training” and I’m sick of scrubbing poop out of his underwear!

Okay, rant over. *sigh*

On a much happier note, Ella has started sleeping through the night!! We were visiting my family this past weekend, and the first night we were there she didn’t get me up! I was shocked! The second night she again slept till 7:30, but only after keeping us up till 1am! So I don’t count that night. Then when we got back home I thought for sure she’d be back up at 3am, but nopers! Two nights in a row now!! I’m super excited!! She certainly loves her sleep! The longest I can keep her awake during the day is about an hour and a half. She plays with her dangly toys, and sits in her bouncy or bumbo seats just as content as can be. Once she’s tired though she just wants to be swaddled and put in her bed.

Tomorrow is her 2 month check up. Yes, it’s late. She and Myles both have to go in for check-ups and the sad part is, both have to get shots. 🙁 This makes me very sad. I do NOT like it one bit when my babies have to have shots! So pray for all of us tomorrow. I imagine I’ll have at least 2 little grumpy, sad, not feeling good kids on my hands. Qade will spend the morning with his friends while I take the other 2 in. The thought of having to keep him under control while dealing with the others was way to much stress for this mama to take! It’ll be much happier all around this way.

Well, I must stop procrastinating and get some junk done. I feel like my house is attacking me! There’s so much laundry to fold and a dishwasher to empty and then refill, plus our Christmas cards are here, and need to be addressed and mailed. And I need to squeeze in my workout for today. Stuart has to monitor concessions at a game this evening so he won’t be home till late. We all miss him terribly when he has to be away during the evening. Hopefully we won’t have any major dramas though. 🙂

Toodles till next time!

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