Why me Monday!

Why me seems to fit this post better than the usual “not me” ha ha!

Last night I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep. Why me?

When I finally did doze off, I dreamed of holding robbers at gun-point and racing like crazy around the country side “sleuthing.” Why me?

guess I should lay off the

Agatha Christy

before bed time at least! 😉

I was changing a “doozy” of a diaper on baby Ella and while I was working on the bottom end, I managed to get “eww” on a toy hanging on her play-mat. Gross! Why me?

I finally got the lads outside to play after the drama of finding socks/shoes/jackets and hats for the whole 2 of them, only to hear Qade’s hysterics less than 20 min later. Why me??

The hysterics, I found, were due to the fact that his “special ball” was “lost” in the tailpipe of our Envoy. WHY MEEEEEEEEE??????

I started whispering…. I’ll address the reason why in a future post. (why me?)

See, of all days for this ball to get lost in the tailpipe of our vehicle today was not it! We’re supposed to scoot to town as quick as we can after Stu gets off work to run some necessary errands. *why me?*

It’s my responsibility to get the kids loaded, and take the trash to the dump before we are overwhelmed with dirty diapers. BUT that was all thrown out the window the moment that amazing little plastic ball disappeared into the tail pipe. Why, oh why me?

I did the first thing that came to my mind, call Dad! Help, help, help, help, what in the world do I do???? Why me?

At Dad’s suggestion I found, quite possibly, the last wire hanger in our house and unbent it. Just to give it a slightly greater chance of success, I wrapped the ‘hook’ part with packing tape, sticky side out.



just greasy tape.


why me?

So to ease my troubled mind, and to get it off of my beloved curious son, THAT’S IT! NO MORE CURIOUS GEORGE FOR YOU GUYS!!!, I ranted to facebook land my woes. Whhhhhyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeee???

I had some sympathetic friends on facebook, one of which is my very own Aunt Dee Dee. Her advice was to suck the ball out with a vacuum hose! Wow, simply brilliant!!! And guess what? It worked!!!!! Yay me!!

All of that stress and drama, that really only lasted a little while, but left an indelible impression on my day, kept me thinking “why me?” That is until right before lunch when I was holding Ella. Her brothers were gathered round, because they just can’t stand to be far from her when she’s up. Suddenly she started to notice Qade’s silly antics and gurgling up from nowhere were the cutest little belly laughs ever! 😀 Qade was thrilled, so he kept up the entertainment, Ella kept laughing and laughing at him, and Myles and I joined in the laughter because we just couldn’t help it! 😉 Suddenly instead of finding myself asking “why me?” I was thinking, “it’s SOOO good to be me!”

Have a great Monday!