Imagination gone amuck

My little lads, especially Qade, have vivid imaginations. Myles has yet to completely develop his on his own, he’s only 2 after all, but he gets caught up in Qade’s imaginings quite a bit and adds to the fun in any way that he can.

Recently one of their favoirite things to play is “building” a house or even a gas station once. 😉 What this usually entails is finding some piece of suitable furniture and draping it with blankets and stashing it full of toys or animals or pillows as the case may be. I don’t usually find it to be too disturbing since it’s generally the game of choice while they are in their room in the morning before I’ve managed to get them “out.” I typically will walk into a room that has the rocker tipped forward, because the back makes an excellent roof! And blankets and animals everywhere!

The gas station one was a little more difficult for me because they chose to build it on the recumbent bike and fill it with all their little random toys that usually live in the cabinet in the kitchen. Still, that was tame compared to what happened here just 2 days ago!

We’ve been fighting off colds more or less successfully in our house this week. So while Stu was out for the count I was manning the ship solo and that takes a lot out of mommies. Anyway, by Friday night I was tired of taking care of people, and problems and issues, and I was also trying to get some Christmas projects finished. Too much on my plate at the moment, I should have just chilled, but I didn’t. And I really didn’t want little people hanging all over me. It had ben one of those days. SO, when I finally tuned in enough to realize that the lads where happily running back and forth between the living room and their bed room with fist-fulls of toys, I simply sighed and decided that it was worth it for the few moments of peace.

This was what I bought those moments with.

This time the lads weren’t just building a house… Actually I have no idea what the object of the game was other than to randomly toss their treasures all over the room.

It was contained to their room though, so I just let it go for the time being.

Believe it or not I didn’t even bother to have them pick up the mess before bed. The room was a health hazard to anyone trying to walk through there though, so our bed time routine changed a little in that I didn’t turn the light out before singing to them! 🙂 Miraculously they stayed in their beds that night and went to sleep without getting up to play with the scads of toys. Ha!

Along comes the next day and the lads decide to play “airplane” which meant that they took the big bucket their stuffed animals usually stay in and put it ON the dining room table. They filled it with all of the toys from the cabinet and added the little alphabet magnets from the fridge. They then climbed in and were merrily airplaning away. Ha! Later that bucket got dumped of it’s contents all over the floor as well. That meant that last night every toy they possessed, within their reach, was strewn about our house. Oh and many of the books were as well.

Now comes the time for me to be a good mommy and help “teach” the boys responsibility and have them clean up their own messes, right? Ha! I wasn’t about to go there with that last night. Generally the lads are required to clean up their messes. But like in the cat and the hat book “this mess is so big and so deep and so tall we cannot clean it up, there is no way at all!” 😀 Stuart took Qade to his classroom with him and Myles and I cleaned up the mess. (Read: I cleaned up the mess and tried to keep Myles out of the way!) I knew it would have been the biggest most miserable time had I insisted that they clean things up. Because this is the way we keep toys around here.
Each basket has it’s own designated toys so it’s not like you can just randomly scoop up toys and it’ll be “okay.”

Believe me I was overwhelmed by the mess, it would have been a meltdown central trying to get the lads to sift through that stuff. 🙂 But once I got it all put back together I informed them that it was not to happen again, and hopefully I’ll remember that next time I need to buy some peace and quiet. 🙂




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