My 2 year old

Today I finally stopped procrastinating about getting Myles 2 yr old pics done. I didn’t stop procrastinating altogether of course. 🙂 But we had fun with this once I moved a bunch of the Christmas paraphernalia out of the way. My studio frequently gets “clogged” with random stuff that has no other place at the time. I don’t think we’ve stopped thinking of it as a ‘spare’ room yet. Oh well, once I get busy doing portraits then we’ll probably be more motivated to keep it tidy.

Without further ado here are the pictures of my cute boy! I had been waiting for a time when his face was “healed” but since it seems to take the brunt of his boyness it was a losing waiting game. 😉 Ah the memories these will hold!

I think this will be our wall portrait. He’s so handsome!!

A typical Myles moment! 😉 He was getting bored with me messing with lights and things. Ha ha!

Silly boy!

What would you call this expression exactly??

Another Myles moment. I still think it’s so cute how he uses both hands when sucking his thumb. He’s done this since the first day he discovered his thumbs!

Honestly can’t believe how big our littlest buddy is already! Wow!

Just wanna squeeze him! He doesn’t really like to “cuddle” though. 😉 Maybe I’ll just tickle him instead!