Ella Bella’s room

It’s time for the BIG REVEAL!!! Woo-Hoo!!

(drum roll)

You recall THIS POST about those wonderful dots that I was bamboozled into buying from Amazon thinking they would make the perfect polkadot pattern on Ella’s wall, right? And then THIS POST talked about a “fix” of sorts which stayed up till recently, but I knew would not be “THE” fix. Anyway, all of that to remind you that this has been an ongoing thorn-in-my-flesh kind of project. Not that getting Ella’s room ready wasn’t fun, at times, but it was just way too drawn out. Oh well… live and learn.

The biggest “issue” for me in this room creating project was this dresser. My MIL found it on craigslist and it’s a great little piece of real wood, but I loathed and detested the look of it. Here it is right as I was beginning to sand it. You can kind of see the orangey tinge to the stain or whatever it was that’s on it. Sanding it was a huge job because of all the little grooves in the sides. Had to do each of those by hand. Then the drawers also had the grooves and the “handle” well, you’ll see how it looks I can’t describe it, but it was really hard to sand. I was doing all of this in spurts while 9 months pregnant and watching 4 children.

Ah, here are the drawers. See the handles are dipped in. What in the world is that called?? Anyway, this pic shows you a before and after of the sanding. I thought the “naked” wood was simply beautiful! But I had other plans for this wood. 🙂

Here the dresser has been completely sanded. Lookin’ good. To put all of this down in a quick photo-blog post like this makes it seem so fast, but I know you all heard me mentioning this dresser project for weeks, so you know this particular Rome at least was NOT built in a day! 😉

Now comes the good part; staining!! 🙂 The dresser got it’s first coat of stain first, so here is a comparison shot of the bare wood against the stained wood. I love dark stains!

Here is the finished dresser.

And here are the finished dots.

Here’s Ella’s little bed “nook.” Cute! Her Auntie Tiff found that little giraffe print rug for her room!

The wall quote.

And another view from the door. I got that little clock on clearance and when I finally got around to putting it up discovered that it doesn’t work. 🙁 It’ll do fine till the second hand gets around to the 9 and then it gets stuck. Any suggestions on how to fix that? 😉

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