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I’ve kind of been in a mood-swing between wanting to blog (as in I always have a running “blogentary” going on in my head about what’s going on, thoughts and such) and not wanting to blog (as in take the time to sit at the computer and type out all those amazing blog posts in my head). Hmmmm… what to do. 😉

Well for now I’m just writing this randomized post and perhaps sometime in the future I’ll get around to doing the others. I don’t feel “in the mood” for anything weighty or requiring much thought at the moment. Besides I think the Taco soup I made has declared war on my tummy and I’m just looking for a good distraction. 😉 I may have to cave in and drink the pink though. Blah!!!

In the spirit of my internal resolution to do more “projects” with the lads, tomorrow we will be making a paper chain to count down the days till Christmas. This will solve a couple of dilemmas. First, they will get to decorate the chain links with stickers!! Yay for no mess! That’s the biggest mental hurtle for me with the whole projects thing. I just don’t like the mess! So for now we will ignore paints, glitter, and glue and go for mommy-easy ideas. If you’ve got some shoot them my way! Second, it will assuage the mommy-guilt for NOT doing more projects with my kids. 😉 Third, hopefully it will give our poor Qade a better grasp of time. 😀 He has been trying out different time concepts for awhile now. Everything that happened in the past is “yesterday.” But he doesn’t really get today and tomorrow, or by any means next weekend. SOMEBODY told him recently that something would happen “next weekend.” The child has been declaring just about every day to be ‘next weekend’ since then. I have no idea what is/was supposed to happen “next weekend” and apparently he doesn’t either, because it’s always a pretty vague answer when I ask what it is. He’ll often say, “It’s tomorrow now!” when he’s told that we can do something “tomorrow.” Or he’ll say, “This day is tomorrow.” Cute! So since we put the tree up on Sunday night he’s been telling me “It’s Christmas now!” So I’m hoping that having the tangible chain to let him know how many days are left might help him out a bit. 🙂 We’ll see if it works.

Today I’ve been making crock pot yogurt. It’s been wrapped in a blanket in my oven (cold) all afternoon with the light on. I’m dying to see if it worked, but I’ve got to give it a few more minutes.

Most of our Christmas shopping is done. I still have a few things to get, and I have to shop for Stu’s birthday AND Christmas! He always whines that his presents get “split” because his b-day is so close to Christmas, but he has no idea how much extra stress it places on us who are shopping for him. 😉 Every coin has 2 sides. Anyway, so I still have that to do and a few minor purchases to be made as well. We haven’t taken our Christmas card photo yet, so of course we haven’t ordered our Christmas cards either. Hmmm…. is tomorrow REALLY the first of Dec??? Oh well, you may be getting a late Christmas card from us this year. 😉

Hope you are all having a spiffy week. Tomorrow I plan to post some pictures of Ella’s room. Per my mom’s request. 😉 The last time she saw it it was a complete and total disaster area!

Ta ta for now!

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