Accomplished 2 month old

I did Ella’s 2 month photo shoot today. My thoughts were that having my own studio setup and photography equipment would make getting the month by month portraits easier. Still it seems like there is hardly time to get them done and ordered let alone distributed to Ella’s adoring fans before it’s time to take another. 🙂 BUT I admit that I don’t miss going to Sears OR JCPenny for portraits every month!

DSC_8105 - Version 2

Now that Ella has hit the big two month mark, she seems to be getting so big so fast! As you can see she’s getting quite good at holding up her head! This posture only lasts for a few minutes before her head gradually starts dipping and eventually ends in her wallowing her face in the mat/blanket/floor and getting majorly frustrated in the process. So goes tummy time each day. 🙂


Ella is already Miss Chatty! She loves to make eye contact with me and her Daddy and she gurgles and coos and smiles away! I’m sure once she gets words she’ll be more than ready to talk! One of her biggest accomplishments is batting at her hanging toys on the play mat! The evening she discovered that her appendages can be manipulated to touch something was SO funny! She stared at the swinging toy and kept batting it for probably 20 min, and the look of amazement on her face was so comical! Babies are awesome!


Ella hasn’t had her 2 month check up yet so I don’t know her “stats.” She and Myles have a joint appointment on the 15th so it’ll be nice to get that out of the way. It won’t be nice to have to deal with shots for both of them though. 🙁 I hate shots!!


Ella is sleeping very well. Her one “oddity” is that she has a hard time sleeping anywhere but her bed. She will sometimes fall asleep while someone is holding her, but she won’t sleep in her bouncy seat or swing. That’s okay. 🙂 Her room is finally finished, except for hanging a couple frames on the walls, so she’ll be taking day-time naps in her “real” bed now. She still gets me up once a night, but sleeps fantastically before and after that! Yay! Mommy can feel mostly human!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 weeks since she came home, but time certainly does fly! I bet she’s going to love the Christmas Tree lights when we get them up! Stu and I are going to pick up the tree tomorrow morning while the grandparents are here to amuse the little ones!
Ta ta for now!

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