Three at 2 months

Here is the latest installment of “my three” at two months old. They are so cute!! 🙂

Qade, mr. serious. 😉 Funny how looking back you can see their personalities coming out so early! Pity we had such a lousy camera for his first few months. Still it worked at capturing memories and that’s the important thing!

Mr. Smiley! Our Myles was the smileyest baby I have ever known! Love his precious grin. I realized that I had him sitting in the Bumbo already by now, so guess I’ll run down to the cellar today and bust it out for Ella!

Ella today! She’s sitting in the same bouncy seat that we bought for Qade, which he hated because it was reclining! Myles liked it, and Ella, so far tolerates it fine until she gets tired. Unlike her brothers before her, she has a hard time sleeping anywhere or in anything, but her own bed. She’s a happy girl!

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