Fall is the theme for Shutter Love Tuesday. I had to go back through the zillions of photos I’ve taken over the past few Falls to find one I liked enough to post. Unfortunately where we are living now there aren’t as many “zing” type of Autumn colors. And I have to say that even our cottonwood trees were a dud this time around. BUT I found this “old” picture that had a little of the Fall “pow” to it that I love! 🙂 Someday I’ll make it to New England in the Fall. I’d love that!
October has been my favorite month ever since I was in Elementary school! Walking around in the Colorado mountains crunching the fallen leaves was so much fun! 🙂 Raking them into piles and then jumping in and throwing them all over were great memories too!
Hope you’re having a fabulous fall! You can see more of the photos and vote for your fave by clicking the button on the bottom.



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