Merry Monday

Well yesterday we did not make it into town because of the weather. The reports we were getting via the internet were all doom and gloom, ice and snow, not to mention high wind advisories. And even though we didn’t see a single flake here, or drop for that matter till after dark, we decided not to chance it. There’s a pretty dicy section of interstate between here and town where the weather seems to get particularly bad. So we opted not to try it. That also means that I wasn’t able to shop, which means that I will have to shop on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving!!! Oh no! I think the only thing worse than shopping the day after turkey-day (yes, I avidly avoid any and all black Friday shopping… unless it’s online!) is shopping the day before. 🙂 The shelves will be nigh empty I already know, though this is something that occurs in our area on a regular basis anyway. BUT since I’m not fixin’ the whole meal, I don’t think it’ll be too big of a problem. And the upside of all this is that for the next couple days I’ll be making “pantry meals.” That means actually using the plethora of stuff that gets shoved into the pantry and lost to the world for eons. Today we’re having chili again. 🙂 I’m on a kick, just love the stuff! Plus I had the “fixin’s” in my fridge needing to be either used or tossed. Glad I chose to use em’.

Most of the above paragraph was free. I was initially going to just tell you we stayed home yesterday so I could tell you about all the wonderful stuff I’ve been getting done. See how my thoughts just get away from me? Anyway, (drum roll) the dresser that I have been mentally wrestling with for practically YEARS is now safely home in Ella’s little room!! Ahhhhh….. a Herculean sized weight lifted from my being when Stu and I carried that piece of furniture from the garage to the room!! Photos will be coming soon of the dresser’s transformation. Some think that it was a lot of unnecessary work, but I disagree! I didn’t in the least like the finish of the dresser before. Now I think it’s beautiful!!!

Excuse me a moment while I go hug it!

It was amazing the shot of motivation that getting the dresser moved in gave me! I rearranged the “dots” (remember those? Ugh!) I really like the design that I finally settle on too, so they are up for good! I put up the wall quote, and hung the giraffe picture. Yay me! It’s starting to come together for sure. I put all of Ella’s clothes that we’re using now in here drawers, and there is plenty of space for the bigger ones she’s already got too! I still do have some work to do in there to get it totally ship shape, but it’s minor compared to what it was. One thing that was going through my brain yesterday was “diapers, diapers everywhere!” Good thing there’s a bottom who needs them! 😉 Thanks to the generosity of others and a great bargain ($6 off) at Costco, we are blessed with a pile of diapers! I got them all safely stowed in the lad’s closet so that they aren’t clogging up the little bit of space that is in Ella’s room. It’s a perfect size for a tiny girl, but doesn’t leave room for clutter by any means!

Once I got the taste for getting stuff put away and organized, I’m afraid it rather got ahold of me. Today I have rearranged the living room. I wasn’t really happy with it so had to try several different arrangements. Unfortunately I had to go back to an old stand-by set up. The room is long and narrow, so it really is hard to do anything too creative with it. Still we have a spot for our Christmas tree all ready now.

I’m also consolidating some of our other nicknacks and things and getting rid of what we don’t need to hang onto. I wan’t to simplify some of our furniture, so we’ll be getting rid of a bookshelf and a couple of other things. The jury is out on the coffee table. 😉 I’d rather not have it as it just seems to be in the way, but I may be overruled. The lads LOVE jumping from it to the couch. And yes, I do let my kids jump on our furniture. I can see hands being lifted in horror, but that’s okay. 🙂 You let your kids have fun how you like and we will too. 😉 Stu and I have already decided that we’re not getting “new” furniture until the kids are practically grown up anyway. 😉

So I have been busy today. Emptying junk drawers, redistributing “stuff” and cleaning. (Dust is not my friend, but I seem to collect a lot of it!) But it doesn’t really look like I’ve accomplished much since there are still toys and books and odds and ends strewn about. I have a few short moments before the hordes wake up from nap so I’d better get to it. 🙂

Have a happy week, and be Thankful!! By the way, if you have great thoughts on teaching young children thankfulness please share in the comments! Thanks!