The girls

There is this awesome consignment shop where my Mom lives called “Other Mothers.” I’ve shopped there for all of my kids. They’ll take your outgrown, gently used (which my lads have stopped “gently using” at this point) clothes and give you store credit for them. Then you can brows their abundant racks of clothes and get what you want/need at super-de-duper discount prices. 🙂 Which is good for we shopping-savvy challenged people.

Anyway, my mom and sis-in-law were shopping there a week or so ago and came across these adorable Christmas dresses that were almost just alike in different sizes.
So they picked them up for Helen and Ella. Then when I was over this past week we did an impromptu photo shoot. I wish I had brought my off camera flash, but I didn’t so we did what we could with the natural light in my Dad’s office. Worked out alright. Here are a few shots of the 2 cutest girls ever! 🙂

Stu said this pic reminded him of that “American Gothic” painting. Ya know, the one with the farmer and wife and the pitchfork? Don’t really know why, they look pretty cute to me! 🙂

Here is one of Helen that I cropped out. I’m learning that when you are taking pictures with multiple children in them, you have to take a LOT and then there’s a chance you’ll get a few good ones. 🙂

I love this one! Ella is doing SO good at holding her head up here! And Helen just has that sweet pixie face!

My China Doll

My favorite from the shoot! I think Helen is just curious about Ella’s bow, but it looks like such a sweet moment! Love!!!

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